Poll: What system are YOU getting it on?


I don’t care about your reasoning. Just want to know what the majority of SRK will be playing it on.

Which system and which edition.

Edit: as you can see it’s dead even. Get it on whichever system you own or if you own both whichever one your friends have.


im throwin my money at sony this time


ps3 :coffee:


Unsurprisingly it’s pretty even.




Got the PS3 CE to play with my local friends. Gonna get a 360 copy next month to play with some of my other friends from around the country.


Noob, PS3. Xbox controllers hurt my fingers & free online play.


Where’s the ballers? Get both.


I hope this thread doesn’t turn nasty like most of em do, I’m getting it for PS3 anyway.


Where’s the “Collector’s for Both” option :>


Sup bitches

DAT PS Triple.


PS3 collector’s.


i pre-orderd the standard xbox 360 version :slight_smile:


PS3 Collector’s! Free Online baby! Not to mention friends can play pad without wanting to kill themselves! :smiley:


ps3 standard, I was too cheap for collectors :frowning:


360 standard… no collectors editions in Europe sadly.

though at least where I ordered it from gave you the comic that comes with the collectors, which will serve to fill the agonizing few minutes while the game installs :]


Collector’s for dat triple


360 Standard… no Collector’s in Australia either. :frowning:


PS3 Collector’sfor me.


not trolling, but curious, if you have access to the special addition, why wouldn’t you pay the extra $10 for it?