Poll: What to do if 1000 people sign up for SF4

With the explosive popularity of SF4 there’s a real possibility that we will get well over the number of tournament sign-ups that we can handle with our usual tournament format. If this happens, what is your preference:

I like 1 match, 3/5 round pools, double elimination (with double blind character select on request). Do we really need 2/3 games when most of the matches in pools are going to be extremely lopsided?

Capping attendance:
Possible, but sucky when this has the potential to be more

2/3 games single elimination:
Too harsh for the people who get paired against a top player first round

Man up:
No thanks.

MAN UP 5 am whatever nigga just makes it harder to block flamekicks

i vote for the 5am pool, but im not staying up to run it!

Pretty much what this.

Single Elim is bad for the soul. :shake:

And if local tournies are bringing 150-160 people out to play sf4 and having to cap to 128 making those left out unhappy, then a 512 will suck for those who travel just for IV only to find out they can’t play.

edit: Man up is a possibility but… yeah. I can’t see it being a pleasant experience.

man up, ppl are gonna be up at 5am anyways in someones room playing anyways

man up. bring in more dough for evo! its gonna be one of those weekends. people better prep. how will this interfere with people who are entering in multiple games though

Man Up, sf4 getting big just means we gotta pull out all the stops and make evo defy expectations.

If people will supply me endless food, I’ll stay up and run the pools. I’ll just be asleep during the pools for other games. I’ll probably need a wake-up nudge or two during matches.

The point of tournaments is that all players want to play and perform to their best ability. Most people that attend Evo are adults with regular day jobs. You shouldn’t have to screw up your sleep schedule to play in a tournament, or reward the 5% of attendees that are jobless and awake from 4pm to 6am regularly.

You adjust the format to meet the circumstances . . . you don’t mess with the circumstances themselves. I know I don’t want to stay up 20 hours straight so that some scrubs can go 0-2 and lose 8 rounds in a row.

Yeah sorry for being a pussy but some of us are travelling from different time zones. I know 3 hours aint all that much but that means I have to stay up until my 8am.
THen again I guess I could just go to sleep early and wake up.

Man up…I’ll set my alarm clock.

better put in that vacation time.

MAN THE FUCK UP NIGGAS. on ec we play uintil 8am anyway shit is nothing.

I voted for man up.
Pools DBL Elim would be my 2nd vote, the other two are not really fair at all.

Friday 5am, be there or be square. lol

Cap it at 1024.

pool marathon

so sick

Confirmed: Democracy doesn’t work!!! :frowning:

Executive decision required.

Do fucking any of you work?

I think capping the number of people playing would be bad especially since this is EVO.
I say man up.

If they bring us food like they did at the Tropicana last year then fuck yeah run this shit all day and all night. Hella sexy. Those mini burritos were bomb.