Poll: Which version of AE do you play?


Hi guys,
Just to scratch my curiosity which platform the SRK’ers are mainly in. Sorry if there was a similar poll like this but I don’t think I have come across it recently. Anyways Vote away!!!

I’m Xbox person and a satisfied gamer on this platform so far.


I own them all and mostly play the Xbox version.


ever since they released the pc ver i spend the majority of my time on it but i also own the ps3 ver


pc + 360, equally.


I own a PS3 and have my RAP3 for PS3 but I mostly only play on PC now


I was actually wondering about this exact thing. I recently purchased AE on the PC and I was wondering if I was short-changing myself by being on the PC platform compared to the consoles. I’d wager more overall players are playing on the console versions due to the sheer number of players and the popularity of fighting games on consoles but I was wondering where most of the higher end competitive players spent their online time.

Also, not to derail the thread, is there any way to constantly play the same person over and over in an exhbition style match in AE for PC? In GGPO/3rd Strike you simply keep playing the same person over and over until one of you quits. AE doesn’t seem to have that option unless I’m missing something. Waiting for the matchmaking system to find a new opponent or waiting on others to finish matches (if you lose) before you can play again just isn’t that fun.


You can play the same person over and over by adding them to friends list then inviting them to your endless battle (hell you don’t even need them in friends list you can just send them an invite for endless battle but its easier if they’re on friends list)

There’s going to be a lot more people playing AE on PC once all the people registered for Evo get their free copy of AE on PC.
Currently PC AE is the most Arcade perfect port out of all the versions, it also has the best picture quality due to running at 1080p or 1200p (depending on your resolution)


I like this poll but the last one was closed, so this probably will be too.


AWESOME! I didnt know all EVO players are coming to PC! How did you learn that?


Seth Killian tweeted it yesterday. James Chen also mentioned it on twitter during Evo


inb4 the lock


This PC version is getting interesting if so many have it. The only gripe I have with it is the possibility of people hacking the leaderboards.

Why would this poll be closed? This is genuinely a census poll and I would think it would be in the public interest to get some insight into this.



Have 360 + PC, but it seems like very few people play the PC version. As much as I’m a PC gamer at heart, the experience on XBL is simply more consistent.


Well due to the xbox being around with super (PC had no super) you’re bound to have more people for now that play on 360 cause they figure eh $15 for AE why not.


The free copy of AE PC to all Evo players should bring together a lot of nice competition on PC.

Very nice of them to do that, so you dont have to rebuy if you went to EVO and have a console copy.

Who wouldn’t want to play EVO players via pc online?!


I have all three but I usually try to play on PC. It has a smaller player base than the consoles, but less lag is well worth searching for matches for a minute longer.


I play mostly on PC , but I also have it on Xbox360. PC is just more convenient since I can alt tab and take care of other things, talk on skype, etc.


bump. Interesting stats indeed. Seems like uptake of the PC version is pretty rapid, probably at the expense of PS3?


please close…this will no doubt turn into a console war thread.


You’re the only one doing it for the moment.