Poll: Who should I put on my gag team

Alright, so yeah this is stupid. But I’ve hit a wall in CVS and need to revive my game. I was playing the other day and fell apart, I don’t know how but I forgot what I was doing. I need a short break from normal training and need to refind the part of CVS I once found fun, so I’m looking to put a gag team together to just screw around for a while and have fun again.

Basically it’s a bottom tier A groove team. I want A-Hoah, and am leaning towards using A-Balrog/Boxer, A-Gief, or A-King.

A-Beni, A-Terry,and A-Kosuke are also possibilities. WHo do you think I should use? :rofl: :arazz:

A-Terry, Haoh, Yuri ftw.

But yeah this should be moved to Team discussion, even if it is for shits and giggles.

A-Gief is fun and potentially cheap. RC lariets are cheap.

A-hoah, rog, terry sounds fun

i like A rog, easy ass CCs and an extremely easy 8K CC on tall characters

Pick King, no one will expect it D:

I say A-King, cus it has the “worst character in the game” stigma surrounding it.

A-Benimaru you don’t see him around to much

A - King, Mai, Terry


A - King, Mai, Hibiki.

May as well go A-Geese/Haoh/Hibiki. All white/black colors + big pants!!!

lol, so far I’m trying out A-King/Zangief/R2-Hoahmaru. King is scary fun, though the only normal I use is cr.mk. Gief is great too, nothing like 20 larriets into the air grab.

ur mom (ha ha)

^ random :wtf:

Chuck A - Ryo in there has some easy CCs:

mid: dp + C, (air) fireball, (rinse repeat).

corner: f,b,f + hp (x N)

I like A Benimaru out of all those.

cr. short short xx activate low forward is fun.


gag team, get it

come on everyone

anyway i vote for a-terry hes decent and fun

ps hi nick

i vote A-beni because he has a dp without doing a dp motion…also because of his chip CC on K/P groove and AA CC is easy as is his ground cc. Oh and let’s not forget about the s.roundhouse of doom

you know people play like all those characters on serious teams… cept maybe a-yuri.

I know gunter has a mean A-gief and his A-king isn’t anything to scoff at.

I said a-king cause I like her midscreen cc, it’s tough but looks awesome.

I understand. I’m in no way trying to say that these characters are bad or shouldn’t be played, simply that they appear in the Low or Bottom tier on the official American tier list.

One of the things that always impresses me about top tier players is that they can take characters that are hard or impractical, and be devastating with them.

Play A groove, zangief, rolento, guile.:wgrin:

You’ve seen my Gief and King? I didn’t know of any videos online of me playing them… but they DO fare pretty well over here. Gief especially against C-Sagats, and King against pretty much anyone but low jump Blankas. She does extremely well against shotos. In fact, my A-King against Dan’s C-Ken is almost always a win for me, go figure.:wgrin:

King’s midscreen CC isn’t so hard. Most of the time you’ll be at half screen, so it’s even easier/more damaging. The only problem with it is that there is no practical setup for it. You can activate off of a point-blank Tornado Kick, but you rarely ever get that. She has good anti-airs though, so you’ll be able to take a good chunk of damage off with those, and most of the time that will make the opponent forget about roll-activate. :rofl: