Poll: Who wants to see a MM worth est. 10,000 bucks in 3s at evo world

we have a problem here with evo staff thinking that this 3s match has no hype. i would like to ask the community to please support this event and make it an official evo event. even with the huge amount willing to be wagered, for some reason, evo staff feels, hsien chang is washed up and will not bring the heat to this battle. can we please get a vote going to show the staff that this match is hype. any match for 10k is hype imo, so lets get the voting started please. show support for the 3s scene, and i promise this match will be off the chain!!!

btw, hsien is betting 3k of his own money, so can someone please tell me that this doesnt make it more interesting?? and people have witnessed him playing ricky ortiz (member of TEAM USA 3s SBO squad) and totally wrecking him in norcal recently!!!

10k…holy damn

I would usually have a joke or something to say now but im speechless…just thinking of that makes me broke

I would say I need confirmation, but Watts name is good enough. Watching a pie eating contest for 10gs is exciting. Yea, put it on the big screen.

I don’t care for 3s, but i’ll watch it if it legitimately has a lot of money on the line.

3S is tight and this is going to be awesome.

Parry, low forward super to 10k!!!

shit, this would be off the hook. 3s has been needing some hype for the game and i like betting on this shit!

all three of them have been steppin up their game… gonna be high level 3s for sure

watts is an insane human. if he can get two real 3s competitors to step up, ill watch and bet. if its hsien, ill scoff and laugh and laugh harder when he loses.

people play 3s seriously in the USA? since when?

this would be the only reason i will go to evo. please make it official now

I bet 200 on both Amir and Pyro already
but if this becomes official I might add more money

Make it happen !!!

thanks for the support guys. i hope wizard wont overlook this again and see that people actually want this match to go down on the BIG SCREEN SON!!!

thanks again people,

the originator of the 2man tourney on the big screen at evo!

would be tight if this match went down!

no offense but high level 3S IS boring, matches are slow and theres not a real “loud” shit talking community behind it, as “thuggish” as marvel is it still draws a way larger crowd than any game. that being said this could be an big thing if hyped up right and im definitely interested.

Money don’t matter, it’s the lack of side talk /you tube videos + responses, random self hype etc. None of these guys say anything, I’ve never heard Amir diss anyone’s game other than his own. Hsien might be a mute, who knows. Pyro been around he really doesn’t need to prove a thing. The cast is what makes it less hype on forums, but I’m sure at evl it will be hype. Cali v Texas is already a good rivalry.


With that amount of money, there better be an all out introduction with cheerleaders , a giant banner for them to run through, strobe light, fog machine, streamers, the whole 9 yards. Damn 10 grand, yeah do it!

3s is usually the funnest game to watch. Let’s do this :smiley:

for those of you who dont know the history of hsien chang ill brief you all real quick. your beloved valle was on top of the 3s realm when this occured. some random FOB came to a folsom tourney and schooled both me and valle when we were in full practice. he completely destroyed us with his bs akuma RD set ups that no one in the states has seen before. this was the rise of hsien chang… he quickly gained notice from everyone after this victory and was long respected as the best 3s player in america for a long period of time. hes placed top 8 at more evos than any other american 3s player so far and now dude comes out and wants to bet 3k on himself?? he says pyro is shitty and his money is where his mouth is. as far as amir, he thinks he just another chun with good execution, but fears chun as a character a lot more than yun, so he wont bet as much vs amir. that is the reason in difference of bets. anyways, how can people not wonder why this HSIEN CHANG, comes out of nowhere and wants to bet this much?? and incase you havent kept up, he just ripped up ricky ortiz. 10-1… can any of you even beat ricky in a 2/3?? imagine that. hsien chang is buffed up for this and ready to put on a great show. we know pyro and amir will show up, and you have my word hsien is ready. get the hype going people. theres a reason why 3s has the most sign ups every year. wheres all the fans and their vote??? get with it guys, you dont gotta be shy.

gotta agree with devil x. what makes certain mms so entertaining is that there is legitimate beef or a big rivalry to go along with the mm. not saying the match won’t be entertaining, but all the hype is relying on the skills of the players and the money behind it.

edit: well, if hsien is calling pyro trash, that makes it somewhat of a interesting battle.