POLL: whos better? prime op or blackkade

i dunno, i like both of their work, but who do u guys vote for?

ps im a newbie at gfx so i wanted to show u guys sum of my trrible work lol

prepares for critisism

blakkade, because prime op is a loser. =)

I am not even gonna say anything. Blackadde, I tried and I tried telling him that you are one of the greatest artists/tagger I know and he still thinks I am better. I dunno what to say anymore sadly. My vote goes to blackadde.

:o OMG…this thread is disaster waiting to happen

why would it be a disater? there both great gfx designers and i want ur guys opinions

I might be good at tagging, but overall with gfx, blackadde will take on 5 of me.

cool, but like the banner u made for me prime, that was just awesome and i havent seen nuthen better than that EVER!!!

Are you sure HE made it? ;

i dunno lol, a lot of u really hate him huh? lol well none the less, i got a good banner :stuck_out_tongue:

check out sum more of my horrible art :stuck_out_tongue:

May i see the signature you got from him?

u mean the banner that he made for my website…hold on…


Alright.Hmmm well looks cool,but i’m not a big fan of halo,even tho it is a highly addictive game for most people.Thank’s for showing me.

What is this bullshit;

wins the thread

lmao blackkade

blackkade registered at my site alled “notblackkade” lol

hahaha:lol:…that totaly makes u the coolest person ever…hahaha:lol:

Seriously, who is the “blackkade” person.

Hey Blackadde, I don’t suppose I could convince you to make a wallpaper for me, could I?

its a typo like 45 times lol, i just realised it was blackadde

That reminds me, Blackadde owes me a DeLorean sexualsquid wallpaper.