Poll: Would you buy a DVD that featured Buchecha vs. Mexico?


Everyone knows that Cyberfanatix is against productivity. Everything there is ass backwards and all the moderators and admins are pretentious idiots. If it isn’t jajajajaja kof combo majestros kof jugadores extremas, no one gives a shit.

With that said, I think if the quality is good and if you give the community a taste of what’s actually on the DVD (more than just a trailer) it should do well.


US Dollars, but we will have something that will be able to accept the transfer of currency.

Yeah I just bought another camera because and I will be using the following when I record:

  1. The feed setup which I am still working to iron out the kinks, it has led me to experiment with the video and sound compressions on VirtualDub to eliminate all kinds of lag.

  2. High Def $600 Company Camcorder- this will be in conjunction with the second portable camera what I will be using to film stuff, it can hold by itself 14 Gigs worth of footage, thus will be used to record high level things, interviews, other matches that either my feed, camera #1, #2, or #3 isn’t filming.

  3. Portable Camera #2- The problem with the camcorder I have been using is that its on Mini Dv Tapes, so in order to get them to my CPU I gotta use VirtualDub, which I feel lags using the video and audio compression. This other camera and all others from here on out will NOT use Mini DV tapes and will use USB connection as transfer so I can just put the Videos on my cpu instantly. I just bought one now so I assure you from here on out when I do ANY updates on my cpu etc you WILL NOT SEE LAG. Also anything that is high profile until I get the feed situation fixed, will be recorded with one of the three non Mini DV tapes. It will also be used to take pictures of the event to put on the DVD.

  4. Portable Camera #3- This is to make sure I have all the footage I need for interviews etc and can put them on my CPU at will with NO LAG.

So I think I have a system now and Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009 being that is was an experiment, has taught me this.



Thats not true…


No. It is true. The mods there are RACIST! (VICE VECTA making a comment about DG beign black) and ignorant meaning that they don’t have the slightest idea of how a major event is managed. I will apologize for calling them ignorant if I find out they are middle school kids who have not had the chance to take a high school economics class.

I use to frequent cyberfanatix a lot, but since I saw what happened to DG I will not post there anymore. Anyway they don’t offer anything good for the community besides combo videos.


Forum in the works…

I’m glad you brought that out and not me, I mean I know Spanish well so I definately saw the racist “Pinche Negro” comment by Vice Vecta, but no ban of course right?? As I say it’s hard for me to believe there’s no favoritism there.

The reality though is that thats where the KOF community in Latin America frequents, but from what I’ve been hearing as I have told DC, they are getting tired of the BS allowed by the Administration, so the website I’m working on is gonna take a little bit longer because we are adding a forum to it as we speak…


What’s the history behind orochinagi’s lack of an active forum?


I don’t know, but it’s a lot of the same members from CX.com over there…but they don’t come out as much as at CX


DG quick question: is it vanilla 2k2 or 2k2um?


Actually that’s quite incorrect. While there were a few CX members at ON, they all left because they couldn’t fit in. I honestly can’t think of any people who go to both forums other than me and Yuki Yagami. Everyone else at ON either doesn’t care about CX or doesn’t even know it exists. While it’s rather shocking that they wouldn’t know about CX’s existance, it’s more of the reason of not being interested in KOF anymore. If you noticed, no one even talks about KOF at ON anymore. But the forums are still pretty active because all the oldschool members hang out and chill and stuff. So basically from a KOF forum, it turned into a coffee shop.

I hang out at ON because I’ve known everyone there for almost 9 years although we talk about random shit and not KOF. CX on the other hand, I admit that I troll there simply because most of the members make me want to facepalm or bang my head on the desk…

So long story short, I see ON and CX as:

ON: starbucks where you sit with friends and chat
CX: a circus

Although I’m not blaming the site, I blame it on the majority of the current members. But one thing for sure is that both sites don’t deliver in KOF strats if that’s what you’re looking for.

As for the history of ON’s lack of an active forum, it’s mainly because of the forum move. Started anew and people just didn’t feel like registering again especially when all the good strats are now gone.


In regards to what, which game is better?

I see. But I actually used to go to both CX.com and ON, but now I don’t think I’ll be visiting CX.com too often. If I need something posted I’ll just have someone else do it, even though I only had a “one week ban”, the premise was still horseshit so I just don’t wanna associate with it.

I update on the main page with vids when I feel they are high quality on ON.com thanks to Gunsmith but otherwise I ain’t there too often either.

And uh oh, the count is 8-8…score’s tied!!! :wow:


come on guys we still have neo-geo.com:coffee:


Absolutely…and as you see I am there pretty often!


My reply the comment above was more in reference about the site just being about combo vids. I do know that we are about match vids aswell and an example of that is of the Karachi League season 1 and 2 (featuring top players and kof98 and 98um). I just feel some are ignorant to what the site offered. If there were tourney that wanted CX to host or anything, they would of. But I dont blame people straight thinking that it is just combo vids…

I wasnt looking at this going towards the admin or anything like that, I was merely talking about the site itself, not its staff. What DG speaks of was not in my jurisdiction.


Nope. I mean as in which game will be on the dvd?


For sure 2002 regular, thats what Buchecha would be playing vs. everyone in…2002 is the most played Fighting game in Brazil.


ah ok. cool. Was curious. Can’t wait! Plan to make a 2002um, XI and XII dvd?


DVD is gonna have every tournament from JuareZ WarZone period…


Guys I may just have to make another poll or go with another idea because 1up says Hammer is VERY INTERESTED in coming to the tournament, and Hammer may weight over Buchecha in this particular setting…what do you all think?

I need answers and I need them RAPIDLY.

Bring Buchecha over? Or pay half to get Hammer over?


i think that the best between the two is the right choice… to me i will get the dvd in both cases ^^


Okay well I am going to make another poll because I need specifics.


I’d definitely buy it. I’m always interested in high-level SNK play.