Poll: Would you buy a DVD that featured MEXICO VS. JAPAN?


Okay, I have to make a choice, whether to go with Buchecha, or to go with Hammer from Japan since 1up told me that Hammer is very much interested in coming to JuareZ WarZone.

Thus with this being said…another poll that will end January 1, 2010.

Hammer= #2 in KOF 2002 in JAPAN vs. MEXICO- Would you buy this DVD set if it was offered at $19.99?

  1. Yes, I’d be all over that, because it’s the JAPANESE.
  2. No!



Why would I want to watch a slaughter?


The only way to be certain is for it to happen…we are talking to Hammer right now and he’s very much interested…he just needs to make sure he can get those days off work…so as I’m talking we are working on this…


I’m just yankin’ your crank.


Gotcha…Hammer will let us know if he can get the days off tomorrow…so in the meantime I wanna get feedback from you guys. Ugushi (#1 in Japan) signed up for the Duelling the KOF season 3 tournament and won, and though we can’t get him, I surely won’t complain if we can get Hammer.

EDIT: I just spoke to Khannibal and my contacts in Mexico and not only will Khannibal be there if we can get Hammer, but yes all of Mexico’s 2002 players will be there, and believe it or not its cheaper than you think to fly Hammer from Japan to El Paso then have him cross.


Anyone else?


Ugh, please don’t rank players like that. It is highly questionable that Hammer is #2 in Japan, since the level of play there is so high in general. He is “one of the top players”, that’s all.

I wouldn’t buy the dvd but I’d definitely wait for someone to upload it so I can watch…


i’m in!


good way to support the scene…:rolleyes:


Yes, it COULD also include Panama since Panama’s top players will be in Mexico during that time (and I was talking to them about this online recently), so depending on what Hammer says tomorrow it could be:

Mexico vs. Panama vs. Japan vs. UK (1up) all in JuareZ WarZone LOL. :rofl:


Yeah and watch this is gonna be the DVD I get copyrighted…so let them try to upload it to youtube or whatever…that’s a lawsuit that we will win EASILY. I know where these things get uploaded…I’m no fool… :rofl:

So don’t pay Emil any mind anyways.


Id rather Hammer vs Mexico, that would interest me more then Buchecha. Id still like to see Buchecha Vs Mexico tho.

I wouldnt put it tho like Japan vs Mexico (or even Panama) since its just one person playing. Thats alot of weight to carry if representing country, it should be just reping himself. It should be JuareZ WarZone feat Hammer from Japan, xxxx from Panama etc. Having as Mexico vs. Panama vs. Japan vs. UK is far fetched


Then I’ll consider that as the feature of the next batch of t-shirts/flyers depending on what Hammer tells us tomorrow.

However, for Panama it will be more than one person playing…as some of Panama’s top players (3 or so) will be there. One thing I do know is that the idea of Mexico vs. Japan in itself gets the hype machine going…


Mexico vs Hammer would be pretty sweet imho, I’d like to see how their best Angel and May Lee compare to his amazing use of them.


Kula and Osmani will be there so we’ll surely see this…the issue is gonna be making sure everything happens…

So the premier Exhibitions have to happen but so does everything else. I would wanna make sure everyone gets their money’s worth and then some…that’s my goal as always.


Is it so hard to have Buchecha there as well? It would be financially viable to host one comp with them there rather then 2 seperate ones. It would also “justify” spending the money.


It could be yes…if Buchecha can come on his own or then without a doubt…but it actually costs more to bring Buchecha than it does Hammer…but it is something I am considering…but in addition to this if I bring both of them where’s room for growth??

To me there’s gotta be room for growth and stuff to improve on in the future…so this is just testing the waters still…just like Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009 got us to this point…

So it’s possible but quite a few dominoes have to fall first…





Would buying this dvd help you buy a computer that can render your youtube videos without the sound spinning up and down like a drunken man operating a merry go round?


No, because that’s gonna be bought anyways by the company and I’ll have that by the 2nd week in January…I’m buying a Apple laptop, plus ontop of that the way I render videos now will be only for casuals in the future as I’m getting a $600 HD camcorder, gonna have 4 digital cameras, and the Apple MacBook so that this laptop + Vdub will pretty much be the FOURTH option…that’s what’s gonna happen. Anything the 4 digital cameras + the HD Camcorder+ the Macbook can’t handle, the FOURTH option will handle it.

I’m gonna upload a video real soon to youtube illustrating how one of my digital cameras operates, and this is how all my interviews/blogs on youtube etc will be handled from here on out.

Also I got a Canopus so I am going to test that out tomorrow to see what that does in regards to cutting the lag/desync even further.

When the HD Camcorder comes in I’ll do a test with that so you all will see how things will be handled in that regard. I hate the shit as much as you :mad: :annoy: do so I’m going to great extremes to do something about it.