just wondering whats the average price for these going for?
i understand they’re decreasing in quantity

im assuming at least $150 w/o shipping.

is that a good assumption?

$100 w/o shipping I think, since its a rerelease.

id pay the most 90 shipped -_-;;;

Cheap Bastard. :rofl:

90 sounds good.

oowee. 90 shipped and id buy :3

Think I paid like $120 shipped last march/april.

120 sounds ok, but 90 sounds better.

well if i sold them at 90 shipped i’d be losing $16 dollars a sale for shipping.

so uhh im gonna pass on picking these up.

could a mod close this thread?

i’d be happy to pay $106.

lol $106, guys gotta make some profit for his effort. $120 shipped is a perfectly fair price.

Well if you can get them for 106 I’ll pay a bit more.