Polyurethane feet for your fightstick - a world of difference in stability


if you play on a table or some kind of flat surface, these polyurethane feet will make your stick as solid as a rock. they are 100x better than the TE rubber feet, and probably 1000x better than the HRAP feet. it will feel like your stick is bolted down.

these cost about 2 dollars for a pack of 12 at walmart.


i play on top of my TE box (that is super glued to a table, lol) which has a nice shiny coating so it sticks particularly well.



I got a set of 4 of these with a stick I bought on SRK, I wish I had gotten 8 so I can put them on my Hori EX2 as well

Unless you’re actually pulling upward on your arcade sticks, these babies will hold them still.



How does the adhesive hold up in 100 F temperatures in a car?


i’m not sure, i don’t think they would melt or anything like that. i’ll let you know when it gets that hot in so cal again =(