POM question

hey everyone, last couple weeks ive been reading alot… i mean alot.
i was wondering at max on hit, what do u think vega would be frame data wise.
ive been able to use a meaty or at max distance pom, hit and throw out a cr mk and get counter hit. ive been messing around with it when i play matches and noticed it happens frequently, not everytime but alot. some thoughts?

Heya spitfire, I’ve posted a response to your question in our Q&A thread - reply and discuss quick questions there : )

Can you kara the POM? That’d be interesting…

dunno… lemme try

Edit: well cant with HK cause you get CH
and cant with 2nd best option MK cause you’re using it…
so I’ma try the other inputs and see

Edit2: nope
LP, and LK doesnt move him any
MP cause him to focus
HP doesnt cancel
HK gives you CH
MK is already being used
taunt isnt cancellable

A proper attempt at kara-canceling HK into POM won;t give you CH. You get CH because you are holding down-forward for the POM, but with frame-perfect timing you can press st.HK and then df.MK on the frame after.
It won’t work though, you’ll just get st.HK. It also casues another plinked HK, so if it was possible to kara into these moves you would see either a kara POM or a kara CH - but there is none, just a regular st.HK.

Random fyi because I love frame-perfect tests :]

what it looks like:
:hk: (notice no down-forward arrow)