POMONA, California - Street Fighter 2 HYPER edition player needed

Hi, I will host a game at my house in pomona, california (on mame machine).

Looking for good SF players out there so we can get togather for some fun time like the good old days.

Leave me your name, location and contact number. I will contact you for detail.



Yo man. We’ve been posting in all your threads.

Ken Ching

San Gabriel

Yeah, check your other thread. Also, it’s probably better if you post times and stuff so we could all agree on something that works rather than PM’s, e-mails, etc. If you don’t want to post your address / phone # in the thread, that’s cool. But it’s probably easier to figure out the major details as a group. Just a thought…

Let’s get some games goin already.

Im down to play TONIGHT!

Hi Guys,

For privacy reason. I don’t want to post house address on the forum.

If you are interest, please post your name, age and cell phone number.

As a matter of fact I will be playing with a close friend tonight around 10:30pm in pomona.



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