Pomona/Chino Hills/Diamond Bar UMVC casuals/training

Hello fellow gamers. Have you ever wanted to go to, lets say the run back at super arcade but felt that you just weren’t good enough? That’s a crappy attitude but luckily, I know how to help. My roommate and I are trying to find people to play and learn from in umvc3 in our house/garage in Pomona. We want to build a good group of players who don’t think that they can compete with the top players yet but are willing to learn and become better. If you are interested, please email me at jasonx816@gmail.com

Note, I have one 22" monitor and two 39" TVs. But only 1 ps3. Once our group base becomes larger, it wouldn’t hurt to help with equipment. Thank you for your time and hopefully future GGs.

Not everyone’s a top player who play at Super Arcade during TRB and Friday casual sessions. There’s plenty of guys there who are at the new or intermediate level and trying to level their game up.

That’s not too far from where I am. Ill play some sets!

@eltrouble, hello, I understand what you mean but I never said all players there are top players. I only mean to create an environment for people who are too intimidated or shy or just want to level up in a place where they won’t be afraid of messing up or being bad. I personally love super arcade and play there as much as I can. Shout outs to Aris.

@Lintlkr, you’re welcomed anytime!!!