Pontiac Silverdome sold for $583,000. g3nshir0 banned for free



it’s so cold in da D.


It’s pretty sad and to me is the penultimate form of capitalist decay. Here we have proof of capitalism failing the poorest, and in many ways Detroit is in itself a third world nation here in the heartland of america. The poor are beat on with such severity, and yet our labor creates the capital which is then stolen and taxed from us. Despite all this immiseration the property-owning class shows absolutely no remorse.

Everybody tells detroit to roll with the punches, but I think the only solution - which I feel is realizable - is a socialist revolution.


Hold Evo there.


WOW, it cost 55Mil. of 1975, about 220Mil. of todays dollars…


BRILLIANT!!! Big-screen room for money matches, room enough for ALL kinds of gaming environments, and more than enough room to air out the B.O. I’d rep you if your bar wasn’t frozen.



OCP will be taking over Detroit in a few years.


I know this was said partially in jest, and I don’t know the layout of the place, but I wonder if that shit could work (not buying the place just holding it there). I don’t know the layout of the stadium, but as poor as Detroit is any convention that comes there would get off cheap as hell. I realize that this would never happen, but it’s interesting to think about.

As for the story I wonder if scrapping the place and managing the real estate wouldn’t be worth more than .6M. I’m sure there was some sort of clause in the buyout preventing that though.


We should have pooled our money together and established it as SRK HQ. All day.


Boo fucking hoo. Maybe they should just ask the government to bail their ass out again on our dime.


That sounds awesome. We could fortify it so black people couldn’t get in, and in the case of armageddon it could become a flying fortress with cannons fixed through the windows. We could be like SMB3 Bowser and shit.


nah, srk should have pooled together its money to buy the Titan Missile Base when it had the chance. I can’t find it on ebay anymore. :tdown:

EDIT: nm I found it but it’s been jacked up to 2.8 million! :annoy:


And people say I troll.

Detroit used to be rather prosperous and it is impossible to deny that the shutting down of its most important industry at the hands of some of the biggest companies in america was a very bad idea. I think of it as a very interesting social phenomenon that we should carefully observe and learn to safeguard against in the future.


Why would you make it so black people can’t get in when SRK is Black Until Proven Otherwise?


Because Detroit is full of poor black people and we all know how desperate the average black male is, duh.

The SRK Lounge 4.0. Ain't nothin' changed

People say you troll because you do.


I’ve been to the Silverdome plenty of times when I lived in Detroit for Lions games. The place is huge. But for holding an event like Evo, only the main floor (football field) would be feasible for it. From what I recall, the concourse areas are fairly small and didn’t lend themselves to be friendly for restaurants etc. It was pretty poor in terms of a stadium for modern day usage.


Kuroda bought it.



My parents could have copped that.:rofl:


The taxing is exactly why you should want MORE capitalism, and LESS taxes (read: none at all). Taxes are not required in capitalism, they are the enemy. Socialism would only tax us even more.