Pool 11: I can't make the 9:00 AM start

Unfortunately I have physician shadowing at 9, I figure I can slip out at around 11 to 11 30. Pools 1 thru - 11 are listed as 9 to 4 (or is it 5?) pm?

What should I do? Screw it, too bad so sad - or come ASAP and see whats going on.

I’ve never been to EVO before so…

Also, I doubt it’s too late for a refund - but is there anyway to do that, and at least - notify the organizers before hand that I’ll be missing my matches (if my matches are from 9 to 11 30 ) since I believe I can make it after that.

ok i can help you out

1: your in pool 11, at 9 am i think its gonna be a ‘hey thanks for showing up lets get started’ since your second to last pool you should hopefully be find, if you want try to keep in touch with someone for tomorrow and they can see whats up

2: no refunds, they’ve said repeatedly you can’t be refunded its a non refundable event sadly

so i think you should just let it happen :smiley: i’m hoping that you’ll make it cause it sucks being this close and not being able to show just chill on it

Pool 11 doesn’t mean it’s the second to last one. They aren’t played one by one, but all at the same time.

This and there is a good chance you will not make it in time to play your 1st match.

Okay, it’s all good. I obviously didn’t expect to make semi-finals anyway. Especially with what - 1,000 competitors with ALL of the top players seemingly showing up.

But live competition still intrigues me, do people actual participate in the BYOC area - like, literally, bring in their own consoles and just do casual matches.

Honesty, that’s what I care about. Having live competition and enjoying the spectacle.

As for me missing out on my tourney matches, not a big deal. I live in Vegas so the arcade scene is weak, so EVO is one of the few chances to play people in person, which is really the only reason why I signed up for this tourney, not to compete to make top 8 or any of that.

Anyway, do people bring their 360’s? I have a nice, modded 360 fightstick, so I hope I don’t have to deal with PS3s…

I’m sure they will be plenty of people in BYOC to play against, don’t know the system they bring though. I brought my ps3 but I think I will keep it in the room.

ah well it’s my first evo so my bad :smiley: