Pool Play Results?`

I’ve been looking high and low for the pool play results, specifically for AE. Anyone know where I can find that online? EDIT: Basically looking for what happened within pool play brackets, not just who won the overall pool.



I saw those. Sorry, I should have explained better. I was looking for brackets within pool play. Not just the overall winner of the pool.

Could you clarify exactly what you’re looking for? I may or may not be able to help.

Basically, i’m looking for the brackets within Pool Play. I have a bunch of friends that went to evo, but for obvious reasons didn’t make it past pool play. I just wanted to know how the pool play went, not just who won the winners and losers brackets.

There’s ~90 pools. What specific pool(s)? What does “how the pool play went” mean to you?

I want to see all of the brackets from all of the pools. I want to see the break down of each winners and losers bracket from each pool and every one who competed in AE.

Assuming that’s not going to happen for now due to my life not having an infinite timer, do you have any specific questions?

Your project sounds awesome and maybe when life slows down that happens, but for any near-term results specific questions are required. I mean, if you’re writing some awesome fantasy AE novel lemme know, but if it’s just “Gosh I would like you to immediately scan and/or transcribe the thousand brackets you just got earlier today” … that’s going to be a no for now. That seems fair. :slight_smile:

It’s really not asking for much. Simple programming can accomplish what I’m looking for on the fly during the tournament. I should probably make it myself, because i’m pretty sure I’m not the only who wants to keep track of stuff like who gets knocked out first.

Simple programming? They were done on paper brackets. Simple programming can’t scan the 150+ brackets (91 for AE + whatever other brackets).

sup smokemaxx

btw simple picture taking when a judge turns in the finished bracket would probably be the easiest solution


That’s the best that can be done, the last time I seen actual updated brackets was the software they used back in Evo 2009 for their brackets.

I have the entire many hundred page stack of physical brackets to my left right now. They are on heavy stock and not digital. They would have to be scanned first. Because they are heavy paper stock, I have to scan each page by hand as they can not be auto-fed through the scanner without jamming on every unbending page.

I’ve scanned the MvC3 and AE quarter finals and semis at this point. They’ll be up here:

They’re in XPS for now because that’s what my scanner does and it resets BACK to that after every scanned page. Because you know that’s intelligent. :slight_smile:

I found a better scanner able to handle the excellent paper stock.

Thank u so much

do you have pool 91 by chance? a buddy of mine was in that pool and i’m curious as to how well he did

Those are the only brackets I know of. If your friend was in pool 91, I bet he was reassigned to a different pool. I ran pool 87 (that’s my handwriting and notations scanned there): the last pool was 90 at station 14. Stations 15 would have been pool 91 but was empty and I used those TVs to run my pool more quickly.

I take that back. I don’t know where they were ran, but it looks like there were three late pools (91-93?) that I don’t have brackets for. Online Tony, Evil Rahsaan, James Dernak, Kurokiba, San Nguyen, and Raymond Lam qualified out of those pools.

yeah i was looking for raymond’s bracket.