Poongko is so unbelievably good


Poongko has a recently created Twitch account, and he’s been streaming like crazy. This guy literally can play any character unlike other pro players. He can compete at the tournament level with at least 7 of those characters based on what I’ve seen.

I don’t even have the mental capacity to be really great at just one. :frowning:


the game is so unbelievably bad, that who really cares.


You or you wouldn’t comment


nah, this game is bad and anyone who likes it should feel bad


Nope. This game is actually bad, but I just play it less. No biggie. No need for that post either.


Even bad games or bad things have their fans:See Kuso genre.

I also know a certain pro wrestler, who has extremly bad mic skills, but that doesn´t stop him from being amazing and funny on the mic.

I am also not really happy with this game and I also play it less than before, but if people want to play this game, then let them play it. I can understand it, if you have your issues with this game, but it is still their decision, if they want to play it or not and not yours in the end.


I can confirm this is Oilforthewin.