Poongko to EVO?

I was wondering if anyone has information on Poongko’s current plans, or lack thereof, to attend EVO. In the Shadowloo Showdown post-tournament interview, he said that money has been an issue in the past and that he wants to go but is not sponsored so it’s still up in the air. The thought HAS crossed my mind to start some sort of “help send Poongko to EVO” fund. I know there are thousands of people who’d love to see it (I mean the guy plays 10 hours per day… shouldn’t he be there? haha), and many would probably be willing to contribute a couple of bucks. It seems likely to me, though, that people (especially Poongko himself haha) are already trying to make sure he gets there, but does anyone know for sure what the deal is as of right now?

How much does it cost exactly to send someone from wherever Poonko currently is to Evo? I meandidn’t he just attend an australian tourney? does Evo charge entry or something?

I’m probably acting a bit backward here, cause i’m in Britain Australia is like the other side of the planet to us, form where he is, hell it might be a relatively short/cheap flight.

Good question about the cost - I really don’t know. The plane ticket, this close to the travel date, is probably gonna be $800-$1500? I realize that’s a big range. Then the entry fee is like $50 or something, and of course there’s a hotel room to consider, but I’m sure he can find a room to share for cheap.

I don’t know if he’s employed (I assume not if he plays as much as he is rumored to), if he is sponsored at this point, or what. No idea what the deal is. And you’re right, he did just go to Australia. Maybe they paid his way. And it’s probably a fair amount cheaper to get to Australia than Las Vegas, although I don’t know for sure. I’m sure Poongko can get a ride from someone in LA - I even saw someone offering him a ride on some thread (comments like that inspired me to create this thread).

Unless I misunderstood, can you folks get it out of your head about pros not having jobs? How can you play that much and sustain yourself without a job?
More likely than not someone will have already approached him with a sponsorship deal and he’ll be going to EVO.

It’s just a matter of waiting for news.

there IS a legit donation site to get poongko to evo.


Totalheads is a community of players across the world that includes poongko, mov, deshiken, makoto. They stream games and do other stuff.

To donate, click on the donate button at the bottom next to poongko’s name

Here’s the official Totalheads twitter, where you can see the official donation address I linked earlier:

That twitter is followed by Gootecks, CEOJebailey, TheShadowloo, EFPoongko, so it’s a legit donation link, no need to worry.

EDIT: It’s nice to know that others like Poe22222 also want to donate to help get Poongko to evo. What we can do is spread the word and maybe even tell Keits to post the donation thing on main page.

Oh, that’s awesome, Necrophile :slight_smile: thanks a lot for posting. I think we should contact Keits about it, for sure. And/or eventhubs.

Heck, the “about us” page from that site has a comment from the Traveling Circus being interested in sponsoring him.

poongko could go to EVO broke and probably end up with a few grands+ coming back without having to hit the casinos.



Oh man, this is gonna be ridiculously Hype. Daigo vs. Poongko in Grand Finals.

Mr. Virtua Fighter was the only player worth watching in Top 8. Either that or watching Daigo upkick himself to death with Yun, that was pretty cute.

Watching Poongko play I realized some of what he was doing that confused Daigo so much. The Beast was used to competing against people who basically follow the playbook, follow the general rules of engagement which many top players abide by. That’s a good way to play, being safe and punishing in the traditional expected way. Problem is, if you are playing someone who knows that game better than you, they are one step ahead and probably will be able to predict your actions. Poongko simply threw the playbook out the window. I can see that as being extremely frustrating to top players, who expect you to follow the general cadence in the matches. I have heard people call Poongko’s game crazy, some could view it as very calculated, or somewhat random. He knows the rules, he simply chooses to break them which in turn mixes up many of his opponents. Daigo was extremely confused in that match. Those continuous upkicks pretty told the whole story. Daigo was trying to adapt but had no idea how to do it. Poongko’s game is too unconventional, this I respect greatly.

The kid Killed it…When he saw Daigo at his chair , ripped off his shirt , downed his Powerdrink in one shot and said fuck it, rock and roll time beast, You might kill me but your gonna remember my name, hahahahaha Daigo will remember his name LOL

Kid made my day, him and the other fat kid from japan throwing cookies, they had a advantage i think, they just came to fight win or lose, They just came to fight…top 8 …