Poongko Triple taps?

for those of you that have either seen him play or heard his youtube videos. I notice when he hits buttons I hear as much as 4 presses on each button. Am I mistaken?

I know double tapping is a very common strategy just wondering if anyone out there “pianos” single buttons the way poongko does.

Show me this…Poongko.

this is beginning to sound like a gillette commercial. it should be a double tap if not than thats just how he plays but i dont think it gives any added benefit after 2 but i could be wrong.

[media=youtube]9zpu9YYx-ek[/media] you can hear him hitting the buttons here.

You can hear taps from both players in that video (you can hear tapping at times when Ryu cannot do anything, so they are likely coming from Ken and vice-versa).

You have one guy double tapping/plinking, and the other guy low teching/option selecting/quick standing… it’s going to sound like he triple taps.

nah man, thats on PSN.

heck yeah kof rush down short jump mash harder!!!

F**k yes press buttons get hype!!!

i like how poongko plays. at first i thought he was hella random but hes got some pretty good skills.

Being serious though, I hear what you’re talking about too. It definitely sounds like he’s triple tapping. (Good ear, man!)