Poongko's Seth At SS2K11

Just wondering how in the world did this guy dominate so hard on all of those killers? Seriously, I don’t even think he lost a round. He made Momochi look free. Do you think this will put some popular shine on seth or is this just a Poongko thing?

There was some discussion in the Q&A thread.

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He’s a good player, he didn’t play any bad matchups, they didn’t know the matchup.

He’s been playing with Seth and winning since vanilla. This won’t do anything.

Actually he played Ryu mostly during Vanilla and started focusing more on Seth in SSF4. No one really said much about Poongko during SSF4 though, and Arturo sanchez was slowly ending his usage of Seth at that time. Online tony was the only real Seth player in the US and even then, he wasn’t doing that well at majors.

Do you really think guys like Itabashi and Momochi don’t know the Seth matchup? Give credit where it’s do.

Agreed, especially toward Itabashi Zangief, who i’m sure had issues with seth back in SSF4. That matchup was still really horrible for zangief lol.

No doubt, it’s horrible. Itabashi still played really well. Actually, that Sakura player did really well against him too.

Yes that’s what I think. Tell me which high level japanese Seth is giving them this experience. What I say is based on my own understanding of what will and won’t work on an experienced player, as opposed to just looking at the name and assuming.

Poongko used vanilla seth in the korean nationals to get flown out to the gamestop nationals exhibition. We also talked about his ssfiv play plenty as you can see in the videos thread.

Seth players are rare so even the best players may not have a lot of practice against good ones. They probably still know the character in and out though by using them casually. Itabashi did quite well so I’m thinking he’s one of those top players that only show his main but can use everyone. Good giefs prepare for that matchup.

silliest comment ive read in months

I didn’t say he didn’t use seth, i said he mainly used Ryu, which he used at the gamestop nationals.
And also, people were not talking about poongko as much as they were this year. I didn’t say he was relatively unknown, but he’s not exactly the most popular killer out there

or just counter pick LOL. i didn’t see how gief could win that matchup besides maybe one knock down. the nerfing of his lariat didn’t help either, but now without jumping limbs for seth, the matchup should be more in gief’s favor.

Its funny that Arturo said Poongko’s Seth “was ass” before now look. Wonder what Arturo thinks now that Poongko proved he is the best player in the world.

I actually asked Art on stream what is his opinion on Seth in AE. He said “His buff’s are good for players like Poongko, but bad for players like me”. Art plays lame, and up until AE, Seth could be really lame. So I guess that’s why Art disliked Poongko’s Seth. Now i’m sure he has a different opinion.

I’m sure they knew the match-up. Most of those guys play online, so they probably know Poongko, or Hiropon or many others. There are some seths at Godsgarden sometimes.

Also, do you really need to know match-up as Yun, vs Seth? get in, stun him, kill him, beware of the great DP and SPD. Option select the shit out of every jump-in.

Poongko got a legit victory over those guys.

Agreed. Plus Momochi bodied Poongko at that pretournament before SS2K11 with Yun, so it shows that he obviously knew the matchup

He has to beat Daigo in a tourney before he can take the title of best (SSF4AE) player in the world. I hope Poongko goes to EVO this year.

Yeah I dont really see what you wouldn’t know about the Seth matchup by now. He’s doing shit in the air or the ground randomly and has shit walk speed. Look for random shit and dont get hit because you’re going for a ride if you get hit. That’s the matchup. Someone who’s good at taking you for a ride like Poongko is going to look for those situations and fuck you up during them. He lost the most annoying thing about him which was the air sniper and at this point if you’re still getting beat by Seth the player is just that good. His offense was buffed a bit and Poongko has always taken full advantage of Seth’s offense over the lame. He didn’t care when Seth had 750 health and he definitely wont care now that he got 50 more pts and the game in general has switched to a more offensive play.

All the online warriors were mad that seth got “nerfed” just a few months ago. Glad that poongko showed them(srk seth forum) wrong.