Poor man's DIY "plexi top"

So I work at Fedex Office, and the other day I just randomly thought about the clear vinyl covers we use on book binding, and thought it might just work for making a clear top for your stick. I have a HRAP V3, so it doesnt have an easily replaceable top, just a sticker that you can peel off and lami label on new art. So today I grabbed the 11x17 size to test it out, and I think its just crazy enough to work.

Here is a full sheet, its very thin, and perfectly clear:



So I cut it to size and tested it out when I got home. I just did a rough version without properly attaching it to the stick, just laid it down and put the buttons in to see:




It feels nice with it on, I dont know about durability honestly, but we do use these on presentations and other things that get handled a lot so maybe it will hold up. The best part of this DIY is that you should be able to buy a sheet of this for .50-1.00 depending on how the person wants to price it out to you. I dont have any custom artwork yet for the stick, so I took it off for now, but wanted to show you guys.

The tragedy of this is that this is a really good looking stick that doesn’t need art. Points for creativity though.

Wouldn’t this require you to glue the artwork onto the metal plate underneath, then glue the vinyl sheet to the artwork with some kind of clear glue though? Any glue strong enough to handle the hand friction on the surface would probably make it tough to replace the artwork underneath, no? I don’t think screws would work with a sheet that thin (the movement on the surface would eventually cause the sheet to crack along the screw holes) unlike a thicker plexi.

There the sheet can’t crack, it’s not brittle at all, you could fold it in half and it would just crease. It should work just like the plexiglass tops you buy.

Just citing previous work with something similar to this with a vinyl top for a cheap Ikea table mod. I had artwork inserted under the vinyl on the top of the table with screw holes drilled into the vinyl to secure them at the corners. Eventually the friction of objects being moved on the surface caused the sheet to rip / crack / split at the screw holes because all the pressure of the surface movement went to the points where the screws were inserted. Maybe the stuff you’re using is more durable (?) but the vinyl I used could be bent virtually in half without creasing and it still split :expressionless:

Not saying it’s a bad idea, just that if you were planning on using screws with it you may want to look for other alternatives on attaching it.

I do not know how well this will work in the real world BUT A+ on out-of-the-box-thinking jay_red.

Well, it’ll at least keep that white stick clean.

I have a bunch of sheets of plexy. I’m hoping I can find a way to make them into something usefull.

The more ways to mod certain things without mass production, is better IMO.

So do u guys sell these at FedEx?
If not, where can I get em?

Yeah, any fedex office (kinkos) should have these. I had an idea about the possible cracking or wear on the screw holes, there are those binder hole reinforcement stickers that would probably work well. I am sure they sell clear ones too, and if your screw head was big enough, it wouldnt even be noticeable.

Should call it the FedEx Flexi Top

surprised you didn’t “recommend the frosted cover” :wink:

ahahahaha, gotta get that premium cover option! I actually considered trying out the frosted, but we dont have it in 11x17.

Hmm now I gotta go to fedex n check em out!

How’d u drill out the holes n cut it to size? Dremel & scissor?

I cut the actual rectangle size on our hydraulic cutter that does precise cuts, but you can use the slide cutter that they have in the self service area and get a perfect straight cut too. As for the holes, I laid it on the case with no buttons, used painters tape to keep it in place, and cut out the holes with an exacto knife.