Poor man's evo chat?


Hello all,

First of all I’d like to clarify that this isn’t an advertisement of any sort, I have a poor internet connection and there’s no way it can handle 720p quality (gotta use 240p lol) so I wouldn’t be able to get much if I subscribed. Subscribing for chatroom alone that will be filled of trolls to the point no one can read anyone’s messages is a bit pointless too.

So I created this channel a few days ago just to use during evo and chat with some people who are watching the stream without much trolling (we all troll for sure DansGame lol, but there’s a point where it gets too much specially when many are involved). I don’t know much about Mahvel (love to watch it though) but I do know a fair bit about AE.

So if anyone wants to chat a bit about the matches, feel free to join the channel (it’s just for chat, not re-streaming):

Again, this is not an advertisement and I couldn’t care less about the channel after Evo, just want to have some fun. If there are other channels that are already doing this, please let me know so I can just join 'em instead.


Nevermind just join spooky’s channel chat people, I thought that was supposed to be subscription based too.


I’m kind of curious, the “paid chat” was actually really good despite having near 100k users on at once. How was sp00ky’s chat? I think making the “main” chat pay-only could go a long way in weeding out some of the terrible things streamchat seems to create up once you pass 5k viewers.


Spooky’s chatroom was great, it wasn’t filled with people so you had a chance to actually discuss something in the chat lol, not much trolling/spamming until a couple of low life trolls showed up and spammed the shit out of the room since there were no mods around, but later a mod showed up, banned the assholes and everything went back to normal just in time for the finals.