Poor man's joystick box

I saw someone mention they found a project box which could funtion as a joystick box but was rather expensive. It took me by surprise as i’ve seen these project boxes for around $26 :wink: Which is very cheap if you ask me. It would be cool to see someone make a stick out of that.




Damn that is pretty cheap…Is the quality good though??

Check out the drawings and you tell me :wink:


They look to be sturdier than tupperware and shoebox cases atleast. Man, I don’t know how much money they’re making with the products they sell. But if they get in on the SF4 hype right now, they’d be probably make quite a bit of money. (for the meantime, anyway)

Saw it and it looks good to me…The price is $8.59?? I might get one once i get money lol…finally my own custom stick…

Value sticks ftw!

That’s got an aluminum top too, apparently… so yeah… thinking about hoping on this for another custom down the line.

its 8$ if you order a ton :wink: If you order 1 to 99 its $26.20.

It’s actually almost 30 bucks. It’s 8.95 if you buy in super bulk though.
edit: ^beat me to it^

Looks interesting, only problem is that the angle of the box might be a bit too high. 5-10 degrees is more than enough, but if it doesn’t bother you, go right ahead.

Is this thing thick enough to hold a sanwa joystick or would you have to cut a hole or grind something down etc.?

check the custom joystick thread, someone HAS made a joystick out of this.

Tight. I’d look it up if I had any idea what to search for in that humongous thread.

EDIT: nevermind, found it searching for “plastic enclosure.” Looks like I’ll be ordering up one of these too. :lol: I’m an addict for this stuff now.

That’s a cool find! :smile:

dam slap a graphic on that thing and itll be pretty nice… great find

I sent him a pm about it. There was a blog someone posted here last year about it but I lost the link to it. Buyproduct did an awesome job with the mod.

that is pretty cool, though the angle looks a little too much for me.
what are those things normally used for?

LOL I used the same box. Its really nice. Just got to add some weight to it and BOOM. It rocks.

I can see it now.

“Due to high order volume, PacTec orders may be delayed 2 - 3 weeks before they ship. We have no clue why suddenly there’s an influx of people ordering our PT-10, but we thank you for your business and this is only a temporary situation.”

LOL. I’ll keep this in mind for the cheapo joystick build I do for somebody.