Poor people playing games


Ok, now this might be a stupid thread, in which case it’ll probably get deleted. But I thought I’d explore the psychology of a person living damn near the edge of the poverty line or somewhat close to it. I’ve only come across a handful of people that fit this category, but a surprising majority of them have a playstyle which suits the phrase “I just don’t care”.

Here’s a case in point, let’s just call this guy “bob” for anonymity. Bob has an amazing repertoire and is well known throughout his community. Bob has also won SBO before. He is a fan favorite to some as well. Bob is also poor.

In a brief description of his playstyle (I would disclose which game but that might be a dead give away), he plays with many risks and rarely plays conservatively. Now assuming you only have like $1 to spend in the arcade (that’s roughly about 4 games worth), what possesses an individual like this to play so wildly and without regard to many other things that richer people think about?


Hmmm… Bob-san, which one are you??? :looney:


oh wow he’s won multiple times, i didn’t even notice


Wow, Bob’s such a beast.


wait what


Mago? He does have a unique way of playing.


That’s not bob but ok…

P.S. Mago’s won SBO more than once?


So wait the thread is about has there been a poor person winning SBO? :S


It doesn’t matter whether he’s won SBO or not, I was simply asking why a poor player would play recklessly on 4 quarters. For the sake of the argument, let’s just say he’s also won evo too (even tho he hasn’t, but that doesn’t matter and has absolutely nothing to do with the point). Obviously a poor person would not have to money to travel to evo. Right? Sheesh, I shoulda just said he won an 8 man tournament online and is an 8 year old kid. (That might even be more believable.


What the fuck kind of question is that?


A poor person would play the game the same reason people in the Depression would go see a movie or something. It gets their mind off of how crappy things are, and it’s something they can control. You can’t always control your circumstances, but you can make Sakura pull off that Custom Combo.


See now that’s a pretty good answer…I think that just about does it.


Ubersauras makes a very good point. As far as being reckless, I guess that is just a personal playstyle preference.

" This is Bob. Bob just won SBO, and has a SWELLING of pride, and ENORMOUS confidence with his joystick since taking Enzyte!"


Why should someone’s lifestyle choices matter when it comes to fighting game discussion?


Play like you live; live like you play? shrug

maybe that’s why bob is poor. takes too many risks


Hmm, I’m broke and I play a pretty reckless Ken most of the time. O_o


face palm @ thread


Been meaning to tell you, and I guess in this thread is just as good a place as any, your avatar is gold! :lol:


Just for the record, the question isn’t why do poor people play games, its why does someone who can’t afford losing a lot of money on an arcade machine not play more conservitavely.

At least, that’s what I think.


My name is Bob.