Poor Steam reviews could affect sales forever - Any solutions to this?


I understand they needed to go “out of Beta” on PS4 to sell the game, but there was no reason to do it on PC. They should have stayed on Beta as long as they needed, like Minecraft or Dota 2.

New players will see the horrible reviews and stay away from what will “hopefully” become a good game.

What are Capcom’s choices to solve this?


Why don’t…you know…direct this to Capcom directly?




If they patch the game into a masterpiece, fixing the netcode and matchmaking, adding proper controller support, and adding rebindable keyboard controls, they could do a free weekend, or even free week, to bring in a ton of new players. Assuming the game at that point gets a lot of positive reviews from new player they could offset the negative reviews. But even if the game is absolutely perfect, new players who get salty online or play on a potato will still leave bad reviews, so idk if it would be enough.

This whole ordeal could hurt the game pretty bad in the long run. Even if it is patched into perfection, the negative launch reviews from youtubers and other media will remain negative. They can’t just release a fixed *Super SFV *version in 2 years unless they go back on what they said about the business model not having different versions of the game.


Oh man, Steam sales, man.

Really? I didn’t check any reviews of anything when I bought this game; anyone who’s in the market for a fighting game doesn’t have many choices; especially for one that has a decent scene behind it.


Poor reviews are the least of the problems with this game…


The only actual way to deal with a glut of poor crowdsourced reviews is to either get the reviews reset (unprecedented) or to release an entirely new version of the game that will have its own reviews.

Frankly, their only chance to escape looking like eternal garbage thanks to their miserable release is to either do a GOTY version or re-release as a free title. Both ensure a new set of reviews since it’s effectively a new product. Neither is coming anytime soon, they’re stuck with the (accurate) bad reviews they have.


The bad reviews are justified. Im holding off on writing a review until the game gets more content and online is fixed.


I’ve never heard of a game going F2P and getting a re-release on Steam for it. Has that actually happened?


TF2 would like a word with you.

But it was never re-released, Valve just took off the price tag on it.


My review is Tokido likes it now so is gud.


That’s not what I was asking about, Mr. Ross.


Bad reviews are totally justified, but I’m worried because the I don’t think the game will get a big enough user base to keep releasing updates on PC.


I’m fearful of the future of my favorite franchise, as well, but seeing as how bad it is on every level, I can’t refrain myself from giving it bad reviews on every platform, either.


The important part of the game - the fighting game - is robust as hell.

Don’t go spouting obvious fucking fallacies.


Someone tell those 1,024 competitors and extra spectators that SFV is terrible and to start playing MKX plz.


Not everyone buys a game thinking genre first. There’s a lot of people that let reviews and public opinion shape their buying habits. So on the strength of reviews they may buy Fallout 4, Legend of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6 and Mortal Kombat X. These are all vastly different games, but strong reviews can cause interest in a genre you may otherwise not care about. We’ve already heard about some publishers giving developers bonuses based on review score averages, so clearly publishers see the importance in it also for sales.

So you’re absolutely correct that if you’re specifically looking for a fighting game with a competitive scene then Street Fighter V is where it’s at. That’s just a very small piece of the total sales pie though. A lot of people just buy whatever they hear everyone else raving about, in many cases genre be damned. These aren’t consumers that are looking to get good at any particular game. They just want to try a lot of different things out. Reviews help sell to that crowd.


While this is dedicated strictly to the steam sales I think that, for now, we should close this discussion like Mr Wizard did. We may have aprox steam sales numbers unlike PS4 digital, but I think that there is more to view on this at the moment. I dunno if Capcom will release their official numbers across digital / physical for PS4 and PC until next year, but we should at least wait until we’ve seen how well the DLC packs pick up the sales by watching steamspy. The march update should alleviate some of the issues, and June of course will fix others. Let’s see what happens with that at bare minimum.


I heard 800 at final round for SFV.

Fucking hell, it used to be that all of FR wasn’t 800 people.


That was pre reg numbers. Another 200 plus signed up which a lot of them were probably walk in/door sign ups. They had to cap the tourney at 1,024 competitors. If there was no cap they probably would have had 1100 to 1200 players.