Poor time management! aka the IM BORED AS FUCK LETS PLAY! thread

this thread is for bay area heads who are sitting around or just got off work or just got high and say to themselves: “fuck im wanna play games now who is down to play now?”

so when you are bored and want to play any game anywhere, just post up here with games/time/loc and hopefully other ppl will read it and be like “hmm ya i should go play cuz im bored, too!”


p.s. i fucking am bored as fuck and i wanna play some games asap YAAAAY MARRRRRveEEEELLLL

goddammit im so bored fuck fuck asp;dklj;hawjhdjadwaw

where you located in the bay?

i have a house in walnut creek right by pleasant hill bart station.

Hmmmm games or work. . . ?


I’m down to stop by sometime, just call me up. get some drinking going. Almost Any time after wens next week is cool.

i’m bored, but I’m at work:mad:

bored. just got back from work. bored bored alkjdbkwad