Poot's art thread


all right, i’m sick of making a new thread for every little drawing i do so i’m just going to pour all my shit into one thread.

i just finished this ryu in flash. started on him a few months ago and was planning to animate him like he is in sf3 but i don’t have the time at the moment. imagine a flash sf-like game…


and here is some stuff that’s already floating around the fanart forum but i’m putting it here anyways…



Hattori Hanzo




(animated) characters for a flash game that never was…

Oro and his turtle




(animated) another flash game that never was…


That Gouken looks freakin’ amazing. :wow: I like the Oro w/ the turtle pic as well.

Kind of a shame that you haven’t gone through with your game ideas (though it’s understandable). Those ninja ones looked pretty good.


Holy crap, poot!

You’re takin’ it…[media=youtube]RkJhsQZk3U8#t=2m52s"[/media]


That gouki is insane man, your stuff always impresses


good stuff


Great man.


thanks for the compliments guys


That gouken is awesome, hehe


i really like that oro on some of these should be submitted to gameinformer


Is it me, or does it look like Oro doesn’t have an arm? Otherwise, I like it.


I enjoy the dynamic poses. most are pretty interesting. Some have proportion issues that I’m sure you are aware of. I hope you’ll continute to put thes out… I especially enjoy your HD sprites.