Pop Culture Shock Street Fighter Statues

Yes I know there is a Vega thread out there, but I was thinking this deserved it’s own thread. I have talked to the creator of these wonderful statues and he does browse here, but was hesitant to post anything, because he thought it would be soliciting.

I’m just going to make a thread and see the responses I get in here. If none of you have seen his work, I reccomend you to take a look.






He’s planning for 4 more statues in 2009. If you give him some feed back, perhaps he’ll take the ideas into consideration. He’s MIGHT be doing dioramas, which are statues which consist of 2 characters posing near each other. FEED back people, what do you want to see? Ken vs Ryu, Ryu vs Sagat, etc.


Jerry is the man and his statues kick ass. Im personally very exicted for his work on the 6inch street fighter resin pieces. We may finally be able to have a complete street fighter cast in figure form :smiley:

Id love to see Rose and Dudley statues next year and as far as diaromas I would go insane if a Rose vs Bison one were to be made

I was on the waiting list to get the Shin Akuma figure with the CVS2 / CFE kanji on his back (the kanji is different from regular Shin Akuma). 200 bucks and no one that was before me backed out, so I didn’t get my figure. So how about availability and cheaper prices? Yes, I am very bitter. :razzy:

Figure suggestions, figure suggestions, hmm… We need a Rose figure. I know that no one ever makes one (I think there’s like 2 bad ones out there) because with her heels and big hair it’s difficult to balance the character. But come on, someone’s gotta do it. Like they say on the Springer show, “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” :clown:

Don’t forget Jerry is also planning on doing the whole cast of characters that have not been made yet by Sota in resin statue form that would fit in size-wise with the others. He plans on doing the entire playable cast and Poison if he can sell at least 500 a piece.

Oh and naturally I would like to see a Ryu vs. Chun-Li statue since they are my favorite characters and all. Both should be smiling to show it’s a friendly match. :smile:

I want to thank Pryde for the sticky thread !

Okay I generally like to keep things more of a surprise but I thought I would involve you guys on this…

Here are 3 concepts done by Udon/Chamba for a Ryu Vs Sagat statue (notice the cool face base from his level)

Lets see which one you guys dig the most (or feel free to post your own ideas) …all comments and criticisms welcomed as none of these are written in stone. We’re just playing around with concepts right now.

Definitely B.

They all look good but I’d go with B.


C 'cuz that’s SF History right there! :tup:


B and C are great, but I will go with B as well since both characters are partaking in actual fighting in the poses.

Feel free to suggest other ideas as well…screen caps or artwork maybe

Im open right now.

ugh, this thread is not getting enough views. I’m gonna post a link in the GD section

It is SF history but it’s also so generic - everyone’s done this scene. I say go for B.

I’m not really feeling any of them.

In Pryde’s other thread, he said that you can make suggestions.

My suggestion:

Ryu has his back to Sagat, and has his head turned looking back at a downed Sagat.

Sagat is down on one knee, clutching his chest bleeding, because of Messu Shoryu.

This is kinda a mix between the SF2 arcade flyer with Ryu’s back to you and Ryu’s SFA2 ending with Sagat down.

I gotta suggestion:

3rd Strike Ken Vs. Chun-Li. Keeping in mind the legendary the EVO 2004 Diago vs. J.Wong battle, or more specifically when Ken air parries that final hit in her Houyoku Sen. I think that would be pretty bad ass.

I would fucking love a statue like that. I’m still torn between b/c even though I voted c in the other thread, but that idea trumps both imo. :o

guys, thanks for voting, it means alot. =)
for those of you who haven’t seen the thread, here it is


Ok, back from work (lot of gaming websites blocked) and I got pictures of what I mean now:

Here is Ryu with his back turned

And here is Sagat with his knees down, clutching his scarred chest