Pop N' Music

Anyone play this or played it? I’m thinking about digging out my controller again and getting back into it.

Also i just seen on play-asia it’s getting a release on the wii soon.

Let’s discuss! =D

A friend of mine has it and I’ve played it a lot but I’m too cheap to pick up a controller. Overall it’s a fun game but I like Beatmania more.

I like all BEMANI games.

In 2004 I built a PnM ASC using Wico Buttons.
That was cool and fun.

I thought this Forum is for Fighting Games though.
The subtitle of Other Games says, “Strategies for other fighting games like Super Turbo, and Hyper Fighting.”

Figured Virtual-On got its own thread and side scrollers why not Pop n’ Music? I guess if people feel like it should be closed, whatever. =(

Also i never got the chance to finish my ASC. Bought the buttons and everything, started to work on it then just let it sit for a week and never went back to it.

I’ve played a lot of bemani games but never got into beatmania. I was always a DJ Max, Pop N’ Music sort of guy. I always found them more challenging, but that’s just me. Plus i have a thing for the japanese cover of Bonnie Tylers “I Need a Hero”. =D

Debatable, DJMAX is more forgiving on missing keys, than Beatmania IIDX.

True. But you should really be gunning for hitting notes at 100%. It’s sad no dj max on PC anymore. I’ve read it’s supposed to come back this year but nothing yet.

And if you guys want I can change the title to bemani instead of Pop N’ Music.

I heard the Wii version of Pop’n isn’t good. The songs aren’t even keysounded.

I like to play IIDX, but I only play it about a couple times a month. I play songs on level 6 and 7.

This feels more appropriate in GD.

I happen to play Pop’n Music and IIDX for several years now and I still love to play them. I can usually pass 38’s, 39’s, and very few 40’s for Pop’n. I’m still working on some hard 10’s and 11’s for IIDX, but timing is very important too. Though IIDX is the only Bemani game I play at home. Very excited about EMPRESS CS in a couple of months! :lovin:

Luckily the arcade I work at (Arcade Infinity) currently has IIDX 16 EMPRESS and Pop’n Music 16 PARTY. We also got DJ MAX Technika, GF/DM V6 Blazin, beatmania III The Final, DDR:SN2, and DDR 4th Mix Plus. Everything is in perfect working condition. So if you’re ever in the So Cal area, come down to visit! Not to mention a shit load of fighting games, lol.

I want to get one of those Pop’n mice

CandyGaly, do you and scottind play together?

Arcade Infinity is too cool.

You guys don’t have DJ Max Technika Platinum Crew Membership Cards right?
I may have to go Camelot Golfland in Anaheim to get.

I wish I can play IIDX.
But I tried it once, and 7-Key just got me confused.

So I continue to play beatmania III.
Even though beatmania IIDX can do 5-Key also.

Yes, I missing out super much for not touching IIDX. :sad:

I have all the beatmania released for PSX.
Have the Controller too.

Even though I don’t play IIDX, I have the Japanese KOC also.
So that’s cool.

I want to get a DJdao ASC.

Oh wait, looks like AI has the Cards now.

Cards were not available before.

Man, I remember playing DJMAX back in 2004.
That was very fun time.

End of the Moonlight.

Strategy: hit the button just as the icon reaches the bar. memorizing helps. Good luck!

I’m a solid, maybe even above average Pop’n player. I can beat most 36s, and some 37s and 38s. I would say my biggest accomplishments are 90k+ scores on Lamento Hyper, Boys Pop EX, and a 94k on Flow Beat Hyper.

I like Pop’n, but I just can’t play much any more since my controller is a little loud to play in my dorm, so I only play a couple months out of the year, and I only have Pop’n 10 anyway so I’m tired of the same old songs. Maybe I’ll buy Iroha sometime, I love the song list on it.

What are the differences between Pop’n and IIDX other than art style and controls? I’ve wanted to get into Pop’n for a while, but it seems like I’d have to buy a DJ Dao ASC 'cause I don’t want to try the Minicon.

Pop’n is easier overall, and the learning curve is MUCH easier. The music style is also a lot more varied, in IIDX you have trance, eurotrance, j-eurotrance, happy j-eurotrance, happy hardcore, GOA trance, etc.

In Pop’n you have a lot more jazzy stuff, light pop music, and even punk/symphonic metal. I was a IIDX player for a while but now I think I prefer Pop’n.

IIDX with a popn controller is kinda fun, but I never got the appeal of Popn’.

I agree with the learning curve, but Pop’n hardest songs really do a number on you and are right up there with the likes of IIDX’s toughest songs (but with DJ Troopers CS’s Black Anothers, that’s a bit more debatable).

My highest Pop’n level is around 37s and 38s, with one 39 (passed Starmine Pop’n Mix once). I’m more of a IIDX player though, frequenting most music game boards across the internet and helping with information on our own boards (MidwestMusicGames.com). Black Anothers aside, I have 9 Anothers to clear between 3rd and Troopers CS.

Also here in Ohio, there’s a IIDX Empress machine at the Bowling Green State University Student Union. Pop’n Music Fever should still be there, and I believe a GF11 might show up there in the fall.

I’d be more than happy to chat with some of you sometime, whether through here, IMs, or our regional rhythm game boards.

95k Gabba Hyper (35), 94k Showa Kayo Remix Hyper (35) and 88k fail Girls Rock Extreme EX (39) fuck yeahhhhhhhhh

Once you pop you can’t stop.

:confused: I don’t know what you’re talking about… I’ve been playing Pop’n and IIDX for about the same ammount of time (god, I started back in 02/03 ;_:wink: and I can churn out [A] songs in IIDX, I can play 34/35’s and (if I’m lucky) pass them barely. For the life of me, I can’t get above that and I’ve been at that roadblock for probably 4 years. IIDX was a very smooth curve for me.

Pop’n Music is fun, in it’s own right. Really no where local to play though, I have to drive almost 2 hours out to 8 on the Break to get some Pop’n or IIDX in, and the last time I went to play IIDX there was a large, scary man with a dog collar who wouldn’t stop looking over my shoulder and proclaiming that he had only been playing for 5 months. :[