Pop up ads

Ok these ads are getting ridiculous. I can’t even mouse over SRK at work without having one of three popups ambush me. If I’m anywhere near the top half of the screen an M&M’s popup video appears, if I even look towards the bottom I know have a Dr Pepper ad pop up on me. I know you can click the arrow for the bottom one to minimize the spam bar but after navigating a few pages it always comes back. Half the time I can’t click on the drop down from my inbox or alerts because the ad on the up right will cover those up. Is it really worth it to annoy all of your users to the point of never coming back to the site again just to have these?

This all sucks…why?! If they need add revenue…can they at least get rid of that stupid bar on the bottom?

i agree, shits lame. Half the time it won’t even go away when you x it out.

I have to agree this shit is retarded and who the fuck wants to use firefox when google Iron is so much better.

Like I said though I’m at work, I can’t download a single thing.

I know that Wiz is tired of these “Pop Up and Ads” thread.

This was posted on another thread not too long ago. So, here’s a respond to you guys. Yes, they could be annoying and I use SRK at work. I don’t see any pop-up ads and they’re using Internet Explorer 9. All I get is the “Amazingly Smooth Music” ad time to time whenever I hover my mouse on it.

Amazingly smooth music add makes me want to kill myself, does it really have to hover right over the start menu, for fuck sakes.

Any ads that have sound are the devil’s work. Any ads that are positioned over the top left and bottom right of the screen where you place your mouse most often are the devil’s work.

Ads can be done in a way where it doesn’t annoy the fuck out of your users. SRK does not do ads in this manner. Intrusive and obnoxious ads only make people want to use adblock and other means to avoid that mess. Then you get no ad views.

In addition other people posting that they have had issues with malware worries me about browsing this site as well.

These kinds of issues put SRK on the same tier as emulation rom sites and porn sites as far as safety/usability, imo.

In other words: It’s a trap!

Non-American viewers who have stricter bandwidth caps must be especially annoyed by all the video and sound that this site pushes to them, eating up valuable bandwidth.

just mute it.

lol @ you thinking we have ads to cover the maintenance of the site.

Ok, i don’t mind ads, but when they cover up what your trying to view like the video ad that hovers RIGHT OVER the alerts part of the forum to the point that I can not see what I am doing it extremely frustrating. Also the one on the bottom left. If it pops up again i’ll shoot myself. This site is getting ridiculous with the ads.