Popeye's Special 3/21/12 *RockB May Peel*

Deals: On Wednesday, Popeyes celebrates 40 years with special offer

“Guests that day can get eight pieces of Popeyes famous “Bonafide” bone-in fried chicken (spicy or mild) for just $5.99.”

It’s a celebration, my Azns!!! [/sarcasm]

I’m gonna get biscuits because Million would, Strawberry pop/soda/sugar water because Koop would, and a large order of random big white girl because Black Jesus would demand it.

Get Hyped.


strips. chicken strips, but yeah those are good…and skinless…

or the seafood. Come on now

Already made plans. Last time they did this, I could barely walk to the subway stop to get back to the college. I’ve learned my lesson though.

I’ve got EMTs on-site that day to haul my ass to the nearest hospital.

I’m gonna go ahead to the midnight release now. Gotta be first y’know. See yall niggas thursday.

Pre order extra thigh bonus?


for real do that.

i hate thighs so I may do the same thing.

Nah thigh’s are day one BLC (box locked content). They are already in the box but they have a big “do no eat” sign on them.

hahahahahahaha it cant be a coincidence cartoon network is showing the kfc epidemic episode of boondocks.

The same deal is $8.99 in Canada.


Welp, I’m gonna have to make a 74 mile trip come Wednesday. sigh I hate this city. ;_;

im hard

There is no popeyes in Quebec… cries in corner

Where’s Quebec? KFC?

Sigh, i’ll have to settle for my 2pc kfc meal for 2.99. The closest popeyes is 300 miles away.
Canada is too free


I gotta find a Popeyes that’s not stingy as hell…

A popeyes recently opened up in my area and I haven’t been able to go because the line has literally been out the door for the past 2 weeks. It’s really depressing I want some mo’fuckin chicken :frowning: and biscuits oh god the biscuits.

Word, that’s pretty much all I eat there… Hell, if they had a really good deal on their heart-grabbingly good biscuits I’d be down. But I don’t actually like their fatty fried chicken.