Popeye's Special 3/21/12 *RockB May Peel*

Didn’t they run out of chicken last time they had a deal like this? Or was that KFC? Then some bitch complained about how she was gonna feed her children now that they are sold out.

awww man

cant wait for the news videos covering chicken outages all over youtube. AGAIN!!!

lolz incoming

I would have had the price $8.99 instead of $5.99. Most people aren’t going to pay close to 10 dollars for some chicken even though Popeyes is the best around. Their biscuits are the upper echeleon of any biscuit (next to Hardees). The closest one’s too my are all ghetto so I know ninjas will be lined up like they are expecting a pair of foams are also included witht he deal.

got mah debit card redday.

R.I.P. Popeye’s restaurants.

For they shall not survive this day.

Remember the Boondocks episode. :lol:

In Socal I’ve been getting some Popeye’s Tuesday deal almost weekly for like the last year or two. A leg and thigh only cost $1 so I’d get like 8 pieces for like $4. This deal doesn’t seem as impressive to me since I’ve been desensitized to low-priced yet delicious chicken.

Gotta get dat diabetes! :rofl:

Well guys, we might have a chance for that delicious chicken. I don’t think it’s trending on Twitter. :lol:

Getting my valued box of chikin tonight. Spicy Edition.

haha, you know they’re going to run out of chicken before the day is over, then all Hell shall really break loose.

I’ll actually make sure to avoid Popeye’s then, until the hooplah dies down. I’m not looking to get 8 pieces of chicken at once anyway… 8 biscuits though…now THAT would’ve been tempting my soul… those biscuits were crafted with magical, divine energy. There is no way they were created with flawed human hands. The Popeye’s biscuit is something that is beyond this world.

For those partaking in this offer, when you are in line I want you to say “I’ve been waiting for this deal my whole life” and see what kind of reaction you get from someone. :rofl:

Dammit…now I have to do this.

I really shouldn’t wait till lunch but I have to due to time restrictions.