I decided to do a vote rather than a poll if that’s ok with you free?






waffles you get my vote though it would look better without the font.

I’m tempted to vote for Waffles, for better overall design, but that random ass Ibuki text just kills it.

free’s is alright, but he did very little with color, so the sprite and background seem to be two different pics put together with little attempt to mesh them together properly with color.


[COLOR=“Yellow”]Waffles gets my vote. Wonderful use of colors and it helps that I’m an Ibuki player. free’s is just a little too gritty for my taste… dood.[/COLOR]

deff. waffles.
no keep the text on there its much better with it. it would be to empty and the focus would be offset witout it.

i like waffles’ a lot. the focus is easy on the eyes.

the text is fine i think!!!

waffles…but good god lose the ibuki.

Free add some more color next time, other than that :tup:

my vote goes to waffles, nice colors :tup:

i like frees background but the colors didnt work
waffles good god! that text wasnt a wise choice other wise its nice.


…BAHAHA, ok dude dont listen to these scrubs about the text, they are fucking retards/fools/not artists/no idea wtf they are talking about when it comes to imagery.
thank you.:wink:

…dude its just an opinion not like were making him change it.

i vote waffles. it’s nice, clean, and sharp. although tetsu loves the text (lol), i’m going to say it doesn’t look like it belongs. but, i like what you did with the shades of ibuki’s green. :tup:

for free, i guess the black and white background brings forward and makes the viewer focus on remy. though the texture (?) of the background makes it look like it should go with something else.

LOL hey dude i wouldnt want to bring up the “artists are elitist” stereotype

Eh, I don’t know about all that. The text is the first thing I see… it stands out so much more than the light and the sprite… which isn’t balance. I wouldn’t say remove the text though, it definitley needs to be there… but tone it down a bit.

edit- I don’t know much about text yet but it’s style doesn’t even fit the sig imo… the hard edges/bold type make it come of as aggressive while the rest of the sig more calming (water like effects and ibuki’s loose stance).

But I overall I like the sig.

^sized down would be much better yes. a softer green also.
but taking typo out would leave way to much negative space and make the tag look uncomplete.

I like Free’s better, the first one seems too obvious.

WAFFLES-looks great with the ray of light.

free- the background just looks like scribble to me.