Poporu (Garou/98/other SNK games with no lag)

ok so there’s this korean service where you can play some SNK fighters online with almost no lag whatsoever. there are some drawbacks and stuff like the coin system and rare router problems and it’s kind of a pain to start using, but it’s really worth it if you care about having a connection better than what Kaillera can offer. it also keeps track of your win % and stuff like that. here are the games you can play (sorry no 2k2 or ss5sp):
Baseball Stars 2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Joyjoy Kid
The King of Fighters 98/99/2000/2003
The Last Blade 2
League Bowling
Metal Slug 2/X/3/4
Neogeo Cup '98
Samurai Shodown IV
Top Hunter
Twinkle Star Sprites*

there’s more to it, but you can read more about it at http://sa-fighters.atspace.com/poporu_guide/.

if you’re interested in checking this out (which you should be if you play any of these games seriously and wish there was a way to get a better connection), pm Dandy J about it!

Yes! This little poporu program is frikkin awesome, and is very easy to use… I love it! =)

I’ve just recently gotten on Poporu and played about 100 matches. It’s great stuff. I don’t really consider Kaillera to have a playable connection even under ideal conditions, but Poporu is infinitely better. It’s a smidge off realtime, yet still solid enough to play as if you were playing in person. Which means your game will actually improve by playing online. WHOA DUDE!

Yeah! but it lags when playing agianst a korean person… which sucks >_<

Yeap, you are not going to be able to play people in Korea. But the only way to make it so you can go online at any ol time and find people to play, is to build the player base.

Does it have RB2 as an option?

THIS SUCKS!! Why don’t they make this for CPS2 fighters ;(

Sadly, no. They should really add it, but I’m not sure how active they are in adding games. It’s been around for about 1.5 years, although I’m not sure which games it started with, and which ones were added later. The only one I know which was added is Metal Slug 4.

I think it has something to do with this Korean company being related to Eolith, but I’m not sure. If Capoporu existed, Kaillera’d be fuckin done. It’d be fuckin done. Well, not really, but yeah I wish this had ST or something.

Does anybody know how to change the sexe? T.T

What are there “rare router problems”? 'cause I have a router and my games are laggy :confused:

Who are you playing, Koreans? Well of course it’s going to be laggy with Koreans. They are in Korea. That is, unless you’re on the West coast, then it’s sometimes playable with them.

If by “koreans”, you mean people with korean font for names (dunno who exactly is korean), then no. I’ve played some people with readable names, and it still lags.

Just because they have English letters in their username does not mean they are American.

Then how the hell am I suppose to know who’s Korean and who’s not?

If only there were some kind of…chat interface where you could interact with other users. That’d be rad.

Also NapaSelect, check your pmmmmmms! Your username is not goona fly, you have to add something to it.

Eh, sometimes the game is playable with people from Korean. Doesn’t happen that much for me.

Installing this now, much thanks to Dandy J for helping me out with it. How is the tournament mode for MotW? That would really help our monthly tournaments out.

i hate how every match it takes you back to the chat screen… cant you just keep playing???

Nope, the interface is built around having multiple people in a room taking turns and minimum connection problems. Going back to the chat screen facilitates that.

Don’t bother with the tournament mode unless you’re playing 2k3. Read the guide for why.

Also if anyone wants to play matches, I’ve signed up a several people so far, so post up something, drop your AIM here or whatever so people can get together, add each other to their buddy lists, etc.

That works. I’m gonna be on AIM at all time then. Hitaro0 (zero)