Popular Arcade Fightstick Video Reviews

Hi guys, I thought would be a good idea for a new thread, a video review repository for the most popular or common arcade sticks. Things that help to explain the nuances that may not be noticeable staring at a picture on the internet.Most of these have been done by DSP, a well known pro Super Turbo player, and are very in depth and informative. This does not include any wireless variants as a serious fighting game player should know better than to use wireless, due to latency. This also does not include specialty sticks such as the X-arcade, Hitbox or Arcade in a Box. This review also does not include previous gen specific sticks (Xbox 1 & PS2)

Mad Catz SE, SSFIV and other variants, X360/PS3:

Mad Catz Tournament Edition Round 1, 2, 3 for PS3 and Xbox :




Hori Fighting Stick EX2:

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA joystick for the Playstation 3:

**Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 EX-SE joystick for the Xbox 360: **

Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA and V3-SA (X = Xbox, 3 = PS3):
[media=youtube]1ym34U4UyfE[/media] (J. Wong)
***(Justin TV mirror) = ***http://www.justin.tv/gytnews/b/258424788(with Alex Valle)

Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX Premium:

Qanba Q3:

Qanba Q4RAF for X360/PS3/PC :

**Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick Review: **

Mayflash Arcade Stick for PS2/PS3/PC:

Very cool post. I was expecting a request.

Yeah, these threads would really help those who need extra information before a purchase. It’s not exactly easy buying a $75-150 controller with only a picture and few lines of text. I would like this and the Sanwa & Seimitsu faq to be considered for sticky maybe. At least the Sanwa v. Seimitsu thread.

Gotta call out some of the reviews though. DSP mentions some idiocy about TEs being inferior to Hori’s since the stick and buttons “feel” different, despite the fact that we know that both sticks have the same parts.

Best TE review is still by SRK’s own ShinJN.

From the vids I saw, DSP was a huge fan of the TE and went over the Sanwa parts and how he prefers them due to playing on them for many years. I would like to add the link though so I’ll do that. Maybe that’s the first link for the Round 1?

That’s because DSP is a retarded half brain idiot who no one with common sense likes.

I’m going to lay it straight. If there ever was a SRK Tech Talk blacklist, then DSP would be on it. Mostly due to being associated with a sham calling modified SE’s as ‘customs’ which is basically an insult to every true builder of quality custom sticks.

I don’t understand why people give DSP such a hard time on things, I for one think he does a great job on most of his reviews of things. I honestly think most people hate on DSP just because others do. I think it’s nice of him to go over expensive sticks that most people don’t have the access to.

i believe I found that area you were talking about but he does correct himself in his later vid, so I’ll remove the earlier one, and I didn’t find any inconsistencies in his Hori reviews.

That’s the thing about DSP and people… You either love the guy and think he’s awesome, or you hate his guts and think he’s a prick. If wondering, you can put me in the latter camp. :smiley:

But let’s keep this thread going.

SFIV Madcatz TE review by Shoryuken.com (Mr. Wizard/Alex Valle)-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1e4k3MyyakHori V3 SA review by DasReviews and Justin Wong - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ym34U4UyfE

I found another review of the Hori V3-SA courtesy of Alex Valle.

Good thread!
No video reviews of custom sticks? =(

awesome thread, i wish I’d had this a few times over lol.

The EX2 has the best layout of any modern stick. It’s really nice to have some breathing room between the joystick and the buttons and I much prefer a clean 6-button layout to a crowded 8-button layout. It has a nice slim profile, which allows it to sit low on your lap. It’s a shame the buttons and PCB are prone to failure because the joystick is actually really solid. It feels similar to a Seimitsu LS32.

Honestly, 8 button layouts with the same white button colors is getting boring. I understand because of costs and how some players want to shortcut but it would be nice if more companies would take risks and offer different color buttons or a 6 button layout.

Thanks thephenomenalone and Chavelo for your Alex Valle review link, they have been added as the primary links.

Voltech at first I thought that could be a good idea, then I see you sell custom sticks lol, I wonder what the motivation could be hmm lol…
I’m not sure a custom stick is a good idea for a first time buyer, they have no idea what they want to begin with. If you could find some high quality reviews and the stick can be purchased in multiple locations, then maybe it’d be a good idea. Not just some guy going “ZOMG lolz look at my new stick!”

How about the 6 button layout with the 2 others offset a few mm to the right phenom? That way OG’s have their old school finger placement while new schoolers still have quick access to the other macro buttons?

No it wouldn’t be a good idea. VOLTECH’s sticks would always be rated 11/10.

Maybe I should have custom or specialty stick reviews further down the inital post (well away from the mass market sticks) with a disclamer for the new buyer? Then maybe a high quality review could be added? I would like to review the Hitbox, but haven’t found any high quality reviews which is damn annoying. I can’t stand when the title say " So-and-so arcade stick *review" *When it is in fact some guy saying " yeah its okay, but man this TE is sick, but this is good too" I found so many links like that, said douche then goes to play SSF4 while whiffing hadoukens but bragging about the stick accuracy.

HRAP VLX review:


PDP TE Fightstick review:


Arcade In A Box review:


Thanks for the links Timstuff, I used your MK review link as it was far superior lol. I did keep the VLX review I had as it is much more in-depth, though I appreciate it. I think I’m gonna leave the AIAB out, as anyone in the market for one is obviously not a beginner. I just want this thread to be as straight-forward and well presented as possible. I don’t want to confuse anyone.

I also took the time to embed all of the videos. If anyone else posts some awesome, quality reviews, I’ll continue to update the initial post with those links as well.

bump, had some people asking about sticks yesterday, though it’d be a good idea to keep the thread visible