Popular character types from an aesthetic perspective


This isn’t about shoto, charge, grappler type characters. Rather about wandering warriors, FBI agents, schoolgirls, etc. Story/visual character types that are popular in fighting games.

The Wandering Warrior=Someone who wanders the world searching for strong opponents, whose greatest joy is the act of fighting itself.

Examples: Ryu (SF), Terry Bogard (FF)

Spoiled Rich Girl= A young lady or teen of incredible wealth due to her parent(s), who looks down on everyone else. Often highly regards father.

Examples: Karin Kanzuki (SF), Lili Rochefort (Tekken)

Tomboy=Young girl or teen who doesn’t have the typical feminine interests at all, often short haired and acts more like a boy than girl.

Examples: Sakura (SF), Asuka (Tekken)

Anthromorphic animals=An animal who acts like a human and/or has human traits

Examples: Kuma (Tekken), Brutal Paws of Fury game, Leo (Warzard)

Weregirl/foxgirl/catgirl/similar=Women who have some animal traits

Examples: Felicia (Darkstalkers), Makoto (Blazblue), Dizzy (Guity Gear)

Elegant Noble: A nobleman or noblewoman who is concerned with dignity, honor, and perhaps family name. Well dressed, very wealthy, often has servants

Examples: Slayer (Guilty Gear), Elisabeth Blanctorche (KOF), Charlotte (Samurai Shodown)


Examples: Bridget (GG), Poison (SF)

Examples: Sentinel (Mahvel), Robo-Ky (Guilty Gear), Jack (Tekken)


Arrogant White American Kung-Fu/Ninja Fighter whose a strong fighter with a good heart and he usually has Blonde hair and blue eyes. He also usually serves a rival to the Japanese character for some reason.

Ken Masters, Jacky (VF), Paul Phoenix, Galford(Samurai Shodown), Johnny Cage


Military soilder/mercenary=Guile (SF), Potemkin (Guilty Gear), Clark Still (KOF)

Evil Dictator/crimelord/CEO= M Bison (SF), Heicachi (Tekken), Hazama (Blazblue)

Kid (prepubescent male/female)=BB Hood (Vampire Savior), May (Guilty Gear), Cham Cham (Samurai Shodown 2), Peacock (Skullgirls)


Where did you get that impression? He doesn’t really lead anything, afaik. He’s a bit closer to the “Trickster/Scam Artist/Snake Oil Salesman” trope.
Relius might fall under that category, but even that is a gray area.


“Hazama was a captain of the Novus Orbis Librarium’s Intelligence Department and was one of the main antagonists in the series.” Taken from blazblue wiki. I honestly haven’t played the game much, so there might be a lot more to the character I’m not aware of.


The blonde female assassin/soldier is pretty popular. Alot she is missing part or all of her memory.
Examples: Cammy, Sarah Bryant(VF), Nina Williams(Tekken), Millia Rage, maybe Noel Vermillion? Sonya(MK) Etc.


He had authority, but the group you put him in tend to be infamous as figureheads for evil. Hazama just kind of does his own thing and dupes everyone else.



I play dead or alive


I love the old Chinese master type.

Gen, Shun Di, Gen Fu, Chin Gentsai.


Feel free to add to

Bruce Lee
Jann Lee (DoA) Law (Tekken) Forest Law (Tekken) Fei Long (SF)

The Slut
Anna Williams (Tekken) Tina (DoA) Mai (KoF) Morrigan (Darkstalkers)

The Gipsy
Rogue (Power Stone) Zafina (Tekken) Viola (Soul Calibur) Pullum (SFEX+ALPHA)

Black Athlete/Rapper
Boxer (SF) Lucky (KoF)

“OLE!” Spanish Man
Miguel (Tekken) Lawrence Blood (Fatal Fury)

Alien/Science Project
Neo Geegus (World Heroes) Necro (SF) Alpha 154 (Doa)

Cool Kid
Jin Kazama (Tekken) K’ (KoF)

The Psycho
Basara (Samurai Showdown) Bryan Fury (Tekken) Tira (Soul Calibur)

The Pirate
Capt. Kidd (World Heroes) Cervantes (Soul Calibur) Freed (Battle Fantasia) Tronne Bonne (MvC)

Schoolgirl-age female w/ sword
Shimo (Legend of Raven) Hibiki (Last Blade) Kasumi (DoA)

The Mother Fighting For Vengence
Sophitia (Soul Calibur)

Fox (Bloody Roar) Bridget (Guilty Gear) Poison (SF) Amakusa (Samurai Showdown)

The Vampire
Slayer (Guilty Gear) Ralphael (Soul Calibur) Dimitri (Darkstalkers)

The Jokser/Class clown
Yun (Soul Calibur) Xiba (Soul Calibur) Dan (SF) Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury)

Bishonen w/huge sword
Siegfried (Soul Calibur) Donovan (Darkstalkers)


Pro Wrestler

The Doctor/Scientist
Dr Doom (MSH) Faust (Guilty Gear) Bosconovitch (Tekken)


Uh I know there are other fighting game mothers but I couldnt think of. Any the righteous religious female trope is actually quite common in videogames. Maybe I’m thinking of another genre.


The flaming homosexual or incredibly camp, rasputin, pelille, jean (fhd), damien gartheimer, maybe benimaru.

I was saying before a while back, it’s a type of character you dont really see any more, which is a shame really.


Specifically 2 types. Double D’s that bounce alot (I mean fighting games did pioneer and popularize jiggle physics), and the barely there flat chests.

I guess it’s because that certain sectors of society would find it offensive. Which is sad because Rasputin needs to come back, maybe in a new KoF game.

EDIT: And fuck you to whoever it was that took that video of Rasuputin doing his “sex in the bushes” super down.


Jojos All Star Battle coming to the states next year


How you going to forget Remy?

A character you don’t see anymore?

For one, I think Vergil is pretty homo. That’s a new game that you see a lot of.

Also, Jojos son, Jojos.

Ash Crimson.


Remy if anything is the tall frowning pretty boy that make the girls heart go all “doki doki” or something


Isn’t Remy at least partly based on Iori, at least design wise?


@d3v Iori gay too.

So is every gay man.


The joke character
Dan Shingo Gon Servebot Roll

The Ice guy
Subzero Rimurubu Ky Kiske Blizzard Bad Mr Frosty Glacius Frost Iceman Sasquatch Kula

The Akuma
Akuma Demitri Daigo Silber Valgas Gato Mr Karate (even though he came years before Akuma)

The Indian
T. Hawk Michelle Julia Wolf Thunder Tomahawk Nightwolf