Popularity in games

besides mvc2, what others games have been this popular.
:tup: i give some points to thirds strike.

Was gonna say Soul Calibur but you said 2d… MvC2 yeah… 3s kind of, yeah… Maybe CvS2

ok…then do some space for 3d, soul calibur for sure, but tekken it making its way throuhg popularity, so dont know right now which is more popular.

nothing has been more popular than any major fighter in its prime during the arcades heyday in the early 90’s. sf2 series, mk series, ki, tekken 2…

mk series and sf series damnn! that for sure i remember that times, tekken dont remember very well, but killer instinct too, theres a lot but dont know if mvc2 popularity is even bigger than all of that games. :xeye:

Well then I suppose we are all done? someone co-sign this.

3s is not popular. At all.

Reality, remember? Come back to it.

of course its popular, may not be compare to others tittle but 3s made its name already.

a few non-fighting game players know about the daigo full parry but other than that I doubt it’s really well known.

at least here in puerto rico it is very popular even now.

How big is Puerto Rico again?

I’d watch it saotome he might gut to kill you.

jajajaja ok next time history would be better :clap:

Sorry, but who is that?

(Not joking)

Hate to say it, but with the casual crowd, they know nothing of 3rd Strike. They watch me play a match and then they want me to turn on Soul Calibur or anything 3d.

G4 had a poll on what was the most popular fighter which they showed on Filter. Of what I remember, Guilty Gear XX The Midnight Carnival was the only single entry. Everything else was a series. So the Street Fighter series, the Capcom vs. SNK series, Mortal Kombat Series, Tekken series, Soul Calibur Series, Virtua Fighter Series were all there. The Marvel vs. Series beat everything out. EXCEPT for the winner… THE SMASH BROS SERIES! Which I myself don’t even consider a fighting game and this proves that people who post on G4 are idiots and the Filter-rators who even put Smash Bros on this poll are even bigger dummies…

Or perhaps it could just be true that the Smash Bros. series is still amazingly popular… not so much with the traditional fighting crowd, but it has enough of its own fans to support itself.

Darn Mario fanboys… :qcf: :qcf: :2p:

Just no one vote for Smash Bros. at Evo please. :karate:

I think your safe. Smash isn’t on the list and not sure how long it will stay that way but for now it’s not on Evo. I think they’ll leave Smash to MLG.

I’d have to play it but I have no idea why there’s so much hate for it. If you ask me it’s baseless to hate on it because of the characters or simple controls…that’s exactly what fighting games need now. There is no good reason for alienating new generations of players with difficult controls.