Pork Lo-mein cupcakes?


Ok…so keeping with the desserts looking like meals…I’m working on some Pork Lo-Mein Cupcakes! YUM

Got my broccoli, carrots, green onion, and peas good to go.
I can’t start piping my spaghetti on the cakes yet, they’re still too hot. I will post pics when done.

Wow dude thats pretty sweet. Looks just like real vegetables. Do you do this for a shop? Or is this for fun?

Pleasantly surprised this wasn’t about cupcakes stuffed with pork lo mein

LOL mech…
Crhustle…i wish i worked in a shop. These are just for fun. (well i made em for my wife to bring to work)

Have to say I’m a little disappointed. Actual pork lo mein cupcakes sound like the shit.

lame. i was imagining pork, stir-fried, cupcakey goodness.

Was thinking the same thing :sad:

Now I want to make them.


Good shit, Rabid Wombat.

Damn those are crazy.

That looks very impressive, did you make the broccoli piece yourself or did you buy them?

That takes effort and dedication, I hope your wife appreciates your hard work.

Pretty cool! Nice work.

Would be funny if you handed her one and she just “OM NOM NOM’d” it without even looking away from the TV.


Thanks everyone!
Yes i made the broccoli myself. Green lime tootsie rolls. Cut down the middle or off to the side, frost the tips and roll in green nonparells