Port Authority Results(10/11/2002)

sorry i took so long posting the results…

1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Xecutioner
3rd Arturo Sanchez

1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Arturo Sanchez
3rd David Vargas

good turnout for our 1st tournment…i hope to see more peeps in 2 weeks…

if anybody knows the next tournament ricky goes to let me know so i can go too. my plan is to follow him aroudn and kick his ass in CvS2 wherever he goes. oh yeah how many people showed up?

yeah, next one we’ll definitely promote more and be more organized

4th - just1moe
5th - superbadkarma
5th - koolaidsmile

4th - hector

yo x, mad props in running that tourney real well. ill look foward into coming to the next event. shout out to all the pa people:
j, j, j, my boy from city tech, and david.

ill see you next match :evil:

yah good games koolaid…my bison choked on your hibiki…stupid me heh

Ricky still plays MvC2? What team(s) did he use?

desmond is a coo guy…coo for gettin 2nd :wink:

good job Ricky.

What are the teams for both games?

I heard some info about Ricky…

I didnt know he was still around :wink: