Port Forward for Playstation 3?

Or, how to open your ports.

Basically, I’m having an issue with my wireless PS3.
A while back, I would play it hard-wire for my online games, then went wireless. Worked fine then all of a sudden, it turned to shit. I thought it was PSN servers just being slow, but 2 months later I realize that it has something to do with my connection.

I normally run 30 up / 5 down, but when I do a connection test on my PS3, I get 3 up / 1 down. And it jumps around around in between 2 - 7 up, it so odd. My other wirelessly devices in the house work perfectly fine, but the only one having issues is my PS3.

I went ahead and added the PS3’s IP on the DMZ, but that didn’t change anything.
Google other methods, there seems to be SO many ways into port forwarding your ps3, I did some of the methods and to none showed any strong results.

Anyone got a solution on this? :frowning:

Its your wireless set up.
Check your router or go back to using a Ethernet cable

Going back ethernet is not really an option for me, unfortunately.

What exactly do I need to look at for my wireless setup?
All my other devices work fine wireless, why is the PS3 giving me such a hard time?

I don’t think port forwarding is going to help. At least it doesn’t make any sense to me why port forwarding would reduce lag or increase your connection speed.

Eh? Everyone tells me this helps when it comes to wireless gaming. Does it not?

Really? Well if everyone sais so then maybe it does, I’m just surprised. I can’t say I understand why it would help though, so if anyone knows it would be interesting to hear an explanation.

I always thought about it like either a port is blocked or it is not. So typical things that would make sense to me that you could fix by opening ports would be things that imply that data is being rejected. Like if you couldn’t connect at all, if you are having trouble joining xbox live parties, having trouble joining games or if you are having trouble voice chatting or something like that. I mean if you actually have a connection set up and you can play online then the data is obviously not being rejected. I just don’t see how opening a port can increase speed to something that is already “working”.

I think it’s more like, only half the data is being sent from the PS3 to the router, so by opening your ports, you would be able to get the full experience, or something.

Only the data sent from the Internet to your PS3 should be affected by port forwarding though. It also sounds kinda weird that the only problem with half of the data being rejected is slower speed.

Either way, if putting your PS3 in a DMZ didn’t work then port forwarding is probably not going to help you in your specific case. I mean port forwarding is like a subset of a DMZ since a DMZ puts your PS3 behind the firewall entirely.

That is if you didn’t forget to manually input an IP for your PS3 when you put it in a DMZ, since there is a risk of the adress changing when you restart the console otherwise.

This, if putting your ps3 in the DMZ didn’t do anything, port forwarding won’t.
Check the wireless channel you’re using, its possible you’re getting interference from a neighbors router. Not sure how the ps3s wireless card is to be honest, it may be part of the problem as well.

It’s just odd how one day the wireless turned into complete garbage.
Researching this, seems like other people have ran into this problem as well but never truly found a solution.