Port Forwarding from Public WiFi


Is there a way to port forward when I’m on the road at a hotel or Starbucks or whatever


There might be: they are usually very amateur when it comes to network management. Determine what’s the default gateway, which will certainly be the router you need to access. Then enter that address in any browser and see if you get a log-in screen. If you do, just find a way through it and edit the router settings so as to give you a fixed IP address, then forward ports as you normally would.


That makes sense. But how do I determine what router they’re using so I can select it on the portforward website?


Heh. The only way you’ll “find your way through it” is if they were dumb enough to leave their gateway password default, which is extremely unlikely. Even if you were to get access, port forwarding through what is likely going to be a captive portal is likely not going to work that well.


Extremely unlikely? Based on what data? The vast majority of them have no business even logging on there, in the first place, for they don’t know what to do there. Odds are the password is the default one.

Well, that I don’t know. There may be some option with “device info”, or something like that.


I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in the US, especially working for a national company like a big hotel chain or starbucks (as mentioned in the OP), you will pretty much never find a unprotected gateway. These companies pay a lot of money for competent networking infrastructure and network security awareness couldn’t be higher in this day and age of cyber crime. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s likely not happening. Completely different story for small businesses (like mom and pop coffee houses for example) that use pro-consumer (or just regular $30 routers… I see a lot of those) equipment and ether set it up themselves or pay a high school kid to do it for them.


I thought Starbucks was under the franchising business model. It looks like I’m wrong, after a quick search about the company. I apologize.


No prob man. JyuST: I would highly recommend using home broadband if you want to seriously use GGPO.


a new solution for public access point (let see what @pof‌ will offer to us)