Port Forwarding requirements for SFxT?


I know this is a really dumb question to some people and then other people are just like WTFTITSORGTFO, but I can’t play online unless I get one of the IT people at my school to open certain ports on the router or something. That’s all I know about port forwarding and I’ve searched online forever and called Capcom forever but both to no avail… Please help?


I’m limited in what I know. With that in mind, I’d ask to make your PS3/360 a DMZ. Same thing. Much simpler. I could be wrong though.


Port forwarding is required for all gaming.


Which ports NEED to be open in order to join and create lobbies though? I can get in PSN, but I can’t do anything else really… ~


https://www.google.com/search?q=psn port forwarding

It shouldn’t be title-specific.


Also if someone in IT had to do it, you would still need them to do it.
You can just google which ports you need for PSN.
Port forwarding is like an apartment building. If you get mail sent to just 360 Pile Drive, it wont know which apartment/port. It tosses it out.
Port forwarding is putting the apartment number in to make sure you get it. The deal is most places set up IP address with DHCP, meaning you get which ever “apartment” is available at that time. If you disconnect and reconnect later, you’ll get a different IP, breaking the port forwarding.
You will need to basically tell IT to set your PS3 up with a static IP address OR set up a DHCP reservation to always get the same IP when your PS3 is on, associated by your ps3’s MAC address. And then have those PSN ports forwarded to that static/reserved IP.
If static, then it has to be also set in your ps3.
A good IT guy shouldn’t need more than 5-10 minutes to do this.


for ps3, just set the ps3 on your router settings to DMZ setting. which automatically opens all ports and should get you to atleast NAT 2. if your ps3 is DIRECTLY connected to the internet, than you should get automatically NAT 1, which is the best.


What gives? I enabled DMZ on my PS3 and my connection on my PS3 got worse, I couldn’t connect to a single match.


You did it wrong.

All DMZ does is port forward every port, but if you don’t have it going to a specific IP that is not shared, you will be sending the data to the wrong device


DMZ makes the router forward almost any and all data to that one device. The only way setting it in ps3 would work is if the router supported ultra pnp settings to allow a different device to change it.
Are you at home or at school? because if at school they sure as hell wont let end users have the ability to set dmz.


you ever end up figuring this shit out?


The connections to lobbies is kinda ass for this game.
i have my ps3 hardwired to the router and gets atleast 10mbps download…and yet, i get no bars and red bars more often than getting yellow or white bars. I tried messing with DMZ and UPnp, but they really don’t make that much a difference.
I don’t know what is wrong


The game.


I was hoping that it wasn’t, but yeah the connections for this game online are ass. There are a few people that I can get connections with, but that’s like 10% of the total sfxt population online.


honestly most of my games are perfect. its just connecting with certain people (even with good connections) just wont happen. my fucking evo tag partner, niether of us can join a game together.


First click your router, next XBL or PSN

If you are unable to connect to other people it most likely isn’t the fault of the game but the way you have your own router and console set up.