Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, Fort Pierce Area. Treasure Coast

Name’s Ada, from Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Looking to try and get something going in the area. I’ll play anything. If anyone is alive in the area, Post!

I’m in port st. lucie too. You can only play online for so long. I know there were some people that are in PSL that went to CEO.

I’m in Sebastian, I’ve been trying to find other players in the area. I moved here from the New York area and my online is horrible, lol.

im in west palm also looking to get something going in the south florida area

I’m trying to get everyone together in the Treasure Coast area under one banner, so we could figure out running our own casuals and tournaments and what not. Here is the link to the FB group I’m trying to get started:

Please request to be added so we can get this going!

Joined the group. I need offline in my life

There is a group of guys who play in PSL.

Really? Can you send them this way?

Allen from WPB. You need to talk to a guy named Will. He’s a really great guy. If he can’t help I’m sure he’ll point you in the right direction. He ran the FGC tournaments at Supercon this year. Check his page at http://www.willvolution.com/main/

Treasure Coast people:
Mmm…do you guys suck?
Most of us PSL players are old skool. We’re elitist jerks, to put it bluntly. I’m honestly not here to teach anyone how to play. You guys think you can handle it? If so, tell us how to get a hold of you and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

I guess I can agree with Acesmith5 about the elitist jerks thing lol. Probably the only one willing to do any teaching is DMCxReaper but that’s cause he has more free time than any of us. If you guys want to game then I’ll be the one doing the arrangements. We have a facebook group but it’s a closed group if you’re serious then we’ll see what we can do about arranging meet ups with everyone. I’ll play any game and I’m in PSL so anyone looking for more players I’m game.

My scrubness, I can feel it destroying you guys. Fourze make sure to play OZleon!

Just send me a message over Facebook. I’m getting tired of online.


I’ll be down next month to get a piece of this new ass.

Don’t know if anyone is still on here but…

Casuals at my place.