Port St. Lucie, Bojah VI - Results!

I had to leave early so I don’t have all the results for 3S or GGXX:AC…All I know is I won 4 matches and lost none in 3S when I left…And Peter " Flash" was waiting to play the second place person in Accent Core which had a 4 way tie between Me “Troyboy”, Jeff “Heidern98”, Jason “Mako1nfused”, and “Hotnix”!!!

1. Carlos "Doujinshi_2001"
2. Peter " Flashmetroid"
3. David “CalmWarrior”

1. Peter "FlashMetroid"
2. David "CalmWarrior"
3. ???

1. Peter " Flashmetroid "
2. Carlos "Doujinshi_2001 "
3. ?? Would have been me…Maybe 1st or 2nd…

1. Peter " Flashmetroid "
2. " Hotnix " … Would have been me :wink:
3. Jason " Mako1nfused “
4. Jeff " Heidern98”

the best part of the night was dinner at ihop

everyone who went wont tell you otherwise thx guys for clarifying shit i cant thank you guys enough

Dude without a doubt the dinner at iHOP was TOPS.

Too good Carlos. :rofl:

What happened at IHOP? I wanna know…

Anyone know what happened in 3S or GG after I left?

jeff is in FL again? O_o

i think he was just visiting

btw peter won 3s and i got second


1st Me obviously
2nd Mako
3rd Hotnix
4th Jeff

Mako, Hotnix, Then Jeff???

That’s sad considering neither of them could touch me…I would have got second if I didn’t leave, that makes me happy :wgrin:

That makes me second best in Florida…Wait garvin lives in FL too…Ok so 3rd…

Best Potemkin in the U.S.!!!

And Flash had to counter pick me, whore!

i guess you forgot losses i gave you and i live in florida?..if didn’t fuck up early i would have at least went 9-2 …but good shit against the rest your po is good

oh yeah and hotnix got second cause nix beat jason

Oh I know you beat me, but come on now how far is Potemkin vs. Faust? AND that was like my 5th Night playing the game. I don’t own a single console or Arcade stick…And you beat me 1 match so good on you…Your Faust is deffinetly good ( Better then Hotnix I think )…Your a solid player! Hotnix and Mako couldn’t touch me and I’m sticking to that…I beat Jason twice that night and I beat Hotnix once and was about to beat him again but when my Pregnant wife was complaining about leaving cause it was my last night there I had to go…So I’m saying the only REAL loses I had where from Flash and You…

i don’t disagree whatsoever