Port St. Lucie, Fl - The Return Of Bojah!

July 1st 2006 PSL Bojah Returns!!!

5609 Wesley Rd. Port St. Lucie, Fl 34986 - MAPQUEST THAT SHIT!!!

Ok Fools here is the Deal this Bojah, I want EVERYONE to try and make this ( Unless I don’t like you )! I’m only gonna have Tourneys for Third Strike, Capcom vs. Snk 2, and GGXX Slash, Possible Marvel Vs Capcom 2! If you wanna play Casuals of other games then bring them Shits!

The Tourney is gonna be $5 a Game, and we must get 8 people for each game or there wont be a Tourney for it! Your gonna wanna bring money for Food and Drinks! Cause this is gonna be more like a get together then a Tourney ( Cause I love chillin with all my Florida Boys ).

I wanna get a set up going something like this - I want 2 TV’s and 2 Systems per game. I have like 4 TV’s and 2 DC’s and I think 2 PS2’s. I also have atleast 1 Copy of each game. So I’m gonna need some stuff from people if thats Cool with Yall.

Now I expect my Boy’s from Miami, O-Town, and WPB to come to this shit it’s gonna be Bad Ass! You guys know the Fuckin rules for these games and we will be starting everything anywhere from 2-4 pm. Anything I failed to mention and you’d like to know just let me know.

I’d like everyone who comes to enter as many games as Posible so the Winners actually get some Fuckin Money. The pay out will be like usual 70-20-10.

Now go ask for days off work and Fuckin Practice up cause I DON’T LOSE at my own House Bitches!

:karate: :nunchuck:



"Practice up cause I DON’T LOSE at my own House ":rolleyes:

I’ll have slash and my ps2 set up for it buy then so i can bring those and a copy of 3s

I might come to this depending on ride situations and what not… and i can’t believe you’re not doing marvel…

Luckily this is so far in advanced i can try to schedule it, but you live so fucking far from me jacksonville GOD!!

as of right now we arent planning on marvel.
im sure if everyone conplains enough we might end up having it :wgrin:

Ha well if you can make that’d be cool, I’m sure there will be atleast Marvel Casual and if enough people wanna play then we can Run a Tourney I guess. Just depends on who comes and what games everyone wants to play.

you post marvel, and get some people to show… I’ll try to pop in…

I am gonna TAKE GG: Slash no prob. Seeing how there is going to be no competition. I am GEORGE CLOONEY BITCHES.

Oh shit!

lmao…Ya because we know that Ky of yours is SICK!


Who’s this Fuckin Noob? :wonder:

I’m gonna RapeSauce EVERYONE…Everyone’s gettin Clapped!

whats up man

this is eric watts, me and 2 friends come from dirty ass fort pierce and are up in gainesville now. we play 3s a lot and want to try playing in some tournaments. we pretty much suck i think due to lack of knowing other people who play, anyway would it be cool if we came down? i probably know some of the people there too, it’s a pretty fucking tiny town for gamers at least.

You living in Gainsville? I don’t care who comes everyones welcome.

Come on Florida where you at? So far it’s lookin like 12 ( I think a few more ) people or so which will be like the Biggest Bojah yet, and that’s like bigger the WiLL’s Tourneys and you guys go to that. So Orlando…Miami…where you at?

David…Anthony…Carlos…Peter…Ozzie…Richel…Andrew…WPB ( lol )…WHERE YOU AT???

Say I throw in an Extra $25 to the Pot for each game, and/or and extra $50 to the ONE biggest game? =) BUT only if I can get Miami and Orlando to come.

Let me know Florida. I got some new guys coming to this shit and they wanna see what the rest of Florida gots :smiley:

i’m not very good at any of these games but i’ll try to make it… i want to get better… i’ll probably be playing 3rd strike and slash but i’ve only played reloaded… what’s different with johnny and baiken in slash?

free money in FL!!!

thats why you left VA, j/k.


It’s all good man…feel free to come, it’ll be fun.

PS: That’s my old Avatar :smiley:

Yooo PETE, whats good man? Man your on Crack Florida has better players then Va…Don’t smoke so much Man, lmao!

i play sean in 3rd strike… what’s a good tournament character other than ken and chun-li? I need another character to play with

Good Tourney Character besides Ken or Chun? If your lookin for Top Tier then Makoto and Yun!

guess i’ll pick them up then… thanks for the help