Portable DVR for $30

I have no idea how this thing works, but there are going to be more than a couple of people around here who are interested in these.


Might even be a good idea for tourneys to get a cheap portable solution to record matches.

Anyone have any info or experience with this?

Here it is on Amazon, and cheaper at that.

Cool. Good link.

I’m not even recommending buying it from the first link, just wondered if anyone has used one.

I didn’t even know it existed, but it might be an easy way to cap matches at home without a bunch of fuss.

And I have a crap load of extra memory cards, so it makes sense.

Interesting idea, but I would need something that uses Component or HDMI, looks like it would do the job just great for people who are using composite video though.

Yeah, it’s definitely not high end recording. But even with composite it should be sufficient for youtube.

I might grab one just to play with.