Portable Home-made Cab? (TE + VH236)

Hi all,

I’m considering creating 2 portable cabs in the near future. I’m thinking of getting two VH238s (that can primarily be used on my PC~) to use in combination with two TEs and build some mini / portable cabs…to potentially be used back-to-back or side-by-side

You can see my expertly drafted CAD design here, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/221/cabnmg.png/

I know Kray does amazing work, and has an EVO-based cab (http://www.kraylixarcade.com/kraylix_slim.html), but it’s still a little big and not TE optimized.

I’m almost thinking of doing something that combines his slim with the KLX stand (http://www.kraylixarcade.com/klx_kit.html) , but with a wrap around the monitor…since I think it looks better. I’m not sure if the bases on the monitors are removable, yet to decide the best way to lock the monitor in place on the cab…but for portability I’m planning on having it be split in two pieces; the top half that wraps around the monitor being removable.

I know there are very knowledgeable people here, I just wanted to get any input or check to see if anyone is aware of something that’s already been done similar to this. If I do end up going through with it i’ll be sure to document everything in slightly higher quality so it can be replicated if all goes well…my engineering prof’s would be turning in their graves if they saw that first pic!

This may give you some ideas http://www.amazon.com/Xtension-Gaming-Cocktail-X-Arcade-Tankstick/dp/B005GXMNE2/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1328423757&sr=8-22

Thanks for the response, its a good suggestion but the point of my post is building a cab based around the Madcatz TE / Asus VH236 since they are easily the most common stick / monitor combination in the (US) community…

The other thought I had after putting some time in preliminary cab designs is that maybe when people are putting the money/time/effort into a cab they would rather go all out with the bigger screen and a real arcade board layout/vlx

Why use a TE when you can just obtain the proper parts/PCB and build a cab around those?

Valid point, I’ve started to browse around http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/ since I haven’t really dealt with PCBs outside of doing a few dual-mods…

In terms of portability, assuming the stick/buttons are built into the bottom half of the cab…is there much more hardware-wise outside of the PCB?

I’m still working on a nice layout / a clever way to ‘set’ the TE into the cab…my instinct was probably to first consider the TE route since I have 2 of them already dual-modded haha. But like I said in the previous post, when you’re putting the time/money/effort…need to determine upfront if you’d really want to half-ass anything

If you want, you can build the cab around the TE’s top metal panel.

How portable do you want this to be? Are we talking one person carryable or back-of-a-hatchback portable?

I’d suggest going for a design that uses hinges to make it fold as flat as possible. Splitting it into the stand, the CP, and the monitor.

Edit: saw thison ebay quite a while ago It looks nice and portable. Only problem being it has 28mm holes rather than 30 so it would need some work.

Yeah, this is what I’ve been thinking in regards to if you want a clean/fully covered look. I don’t think it would be a flush fit due to the little round plastic border above the TE faceplates…but I wouldn’t expect that anyways with just having the sticks set into the cab.

I’m not worried about being one-person carryable, I’m just thinking portability / split into 2 parts so it wouldn’t be a complete and utter pain in the ass if people wanted to bring these to a local game night or a weekend crack session. Ideally the pieces would be able to fit across the back 3 seats of a 4 door sedan so the majority of people could make use of it; I would say worst case is the trunk of an SUV.

The layout of the top half would be something like that link, although their would be only 1 stick per monitor…I’m currently debating on how to best lock the monitor into the top half of the cab. I haven’t personally messed with an evo monitor, but the product link ( http://www.asus.com/Display/LCD_Monitors/VH236H/ ) says it has an easily removable base for wall mount. I’ve never actually messed with wall mounts for a TV or monitor…the only thing I’ve thought of so far is having a nice sanded cut out that the monitor could be set in, but the bottom base is pretty thin and it would then cover the buttons. I think it needs to just be layed onto the cut-out and secured on the back from the two sides somehow.

Thanks for all the responses/suggestions so far