Portable Marvel? Hell Yes!

Damn those modders. Though it has been done before, this is probably the best one so far.

its mahvel!! wow that modd looks awesome :tup: just need to leave the port to put a stick in :rofl:


Generic, but imagine the possibilites of this. A DC on the go, holy shit, that would rock.

Note to genius hackers: please make controller config better than actual DC pads. TY :slight_smile:

Genius. Thats cool as ice!

I met this guy at CGE07. Cool guy and does some amazing stuff.

and he apparently scams people.


Youch. Nevermind that I posted the link.

That just really sucks.

A portable dreamcast can be done but SEGA will not do it at least in the near future.

Such a great idea to have a portable dreamcast similar to psp that is light and thin, but one like this one in the thread i don’t think so it is just huge and heavy unless your arms are wider and stronger than a stallion to hold one of these.

You could use a different housing material.

You are kind of limited as to the weight you can reduce though as you need all the parts of the controller and the console in the same unit along with the lcd screen.

It would be cool if someone built a portable Dreamcast like that into a Mas stick, that would be the ultimate portable Marvel experience.

Tim, is that your MKII arcade panel? Can take a HIGH res pic of it? or at least the artwork on it?

love ya man! (no homo):rofl:

I think its an MK3 panel from the Run button and MK3 logo on the bottom

Its a MK3 control panel, but its not mine. I cant remember where I found it. Google Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets, stuff like that :smiley:

I am always looking on eBay for the control panel overlays. Do you need a set for your cabs?

I am always on the look out for them, and if I find them I will let you know.

You know I love you guys down there, even if I like to joke and tease you guys.

I <3 MKK

wow, what a fuckin douche.