Portland 7/10 MVC2 & 3rdStrike results

Great tourny!!! in 3rdstrike ken and chun li is pretty crazy!
MVC2 well team row and team scrub proved dangerous that tourny. Much props to everyone. Next time we’ll do pho matches instead of money matches. Peace!!!

It’s John NOT Jon, can you change it please.

Dave Milenna

That’s wrong.

It should be:

Dave McConnon


That’s his link if you need it. It’s wrong on both 3S and Marvel and I’m sure he’d appreciate it if it were fixed.


Something is screwed up, because I know for a fact that randomIM and I played in the 9th place bracket, yet he’s listed down at 13th in the results.


everyone has bad hand writing and most didnt leave last names, thnx guys. anyway hope you guys are happy now.

I tied with Stiltman for 7th.

Thanks to you!! :slight_smile:

Do you guys have full results for marvel? thanx:)