Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!

I’ve been playing KOFXIII. It’s awesome guys. I just praying for an awesome netcode for it.

I’ve been playing, but only with Sanford crew. Testing new characters out.

sure thing. do you guys still get together in S. Portland? i came by once for some matches. also, now that port city relocated you think they might host some nights?

SRKlive stream chat provides endless entertainment during slow work days. The shit kids argue about is funny as all hell.

Any stream really. They’re always saying silly things and get upset over the little things.

So! I made an account just for this thread hahaha

I live in SoPo close to Willard Beach and I host a fighting game night every couple of weeks. We get a handful of people to show up and we play BlazBlue:CS and MvC3. If there’s somewhere in town that could host us, we could get some legit tournaments going on and really kickstart this community! Was someone saying PortCity used to host?

Damn I’m happy I found this.

Awesome. Glad you found this too. I’m really happy to see more players popping up in the scene. You and your friends should go down to MA Lowell this month and rep Maine with me. ;D

Also another tournament in NH in August.

I host tournaments every couple of months in Standish at Culture Crew Gaming. If you have people that’ll pop up I’ll set up another tournament soon. :]

Nice to see more players in the area, esp Marvel players! We really do need to get a universal fight night or something going again.

Hey again. So I think we might go to the Pelham, NH tourney. There would be 2, maybe 3 of us that would want to travel. I’m thinking we should do a tournament in town or something. The main issue with traveling is that BlazBlue doesn’t seem very prevalent haha. Can we all meet in Portland at some point? My apartment is too small to invite more people over T^T

Sup new folks! I have had game nights at my apartment in Portland here and there for a while now, but I have always wanted to be able to host something more consistent, and my new job will finally allow for regular gatherings. My apartment is also rather small but I could have at least 3 set ups going at once without any discomfort, and I don’t mind a full house as long as everyone is chill and hype to play some games! Some other local players and myself are trying to get together in the coming days and weeks before the next regional tourny in Lowell, and I have thrown out Sunday July 17th for having a fight night at my place. You and your crew are welcome to come and play whatever games y’all are into. We play the standards of AE and mvc3, but I know I am all for new and different games, and I think a few of us have thought about giving BB a real try but havent had anyone to play off of, so that would be cool to have here as well.

Always open for new games. ALSO, I might be bringing my computer over to play a certain game with you games. I just have to get player 2 to work.

Okay guys, I’m ready, let’s get this going. Maybe we should set up a tournament in the greater portland area? We would have several venue opportunities. I’ve been checking out the Merry Manor Inn/Governor’s location in South Portland and they’re very cheap!

So, how about Sunday night at my place in Portland? We could run a small tourney for sure, maybe even all kick in a buck or two each if you would like, just to make things a little sweeter/saltier lol! What system do you guys normally play on?

Mini tournament would be awesome at your place. I can bring my harddrive so we have all the DLC packs. Bitches love costumes.

Great, I’m pretty pumped. What time and can you PM me the address? I typically play on 360 and I can bring BB with harddrive. I can also bring some people too haha

Zero, I have a feeling I meet you before. Were you at Portcon? I was hanging out in the game room the whole time.

Yeah I get that feeling too… I didn’t help out at PortCon this year because I had work, but I’ve always worked in the VG room on staff for the 4 years prior. You know what? Here’s my FB http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Robert-Williamson-Robishaw/618712435

oh hey i know that guy

hahaha Mr. Peter Robishaw, I thought you name looked familiar. You still in the Falmouth area?

Oh wow, that’s funny lol. How are ya Dazwa?

Hey Chuck! I’m not in Falmouth anymore though my folks still are. I moved last summer to South Portland. I’m about 1 minute away from SMCC and right on the Cape/SoPo line. It’s a good place! You should come by some night when I set something up.

Sunday, let’s do it guys. I don’t know if THE DREADLORD still views this thread on a regular basis so I’ll let him know.